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Oct 1, 2021
I am new to the forum and tried searching before asking but did not find much. I am in the St Louis area and looking for a good source for wood. I just bought an old country pecos (upgraded from a masterbuilt electric smoker). I bought a bag of pecan splits from academy with my smoker and used the majority of it just burning out and seasoning the smoker. That was only a couple hours of burning though. I know something like a brisket or even a pork butt will likely take more than one bag so I would rather buy more at a time. My preference from the electric smoker wood chips was pecan or a cherry pecan mix but I am open to suggestions if a local wood is easier to find and will still give me great flavor. All help is appreciated.
check out facebook and craigslist for tree cutters in your area. also look for folks selling wood.
I live in the large metropolitan area 5 hours up I-55 , and I have no trouble finding wood. I have bought from a firewood distributor. He has hickory, and I'm sure plenty of others.

A few months ago, my tree guy was here, and I mentioned about smoking brisket or something, and he told me he had wood for smoking, so I bought a half face cord from him for $125.

So, Duck Duck Go, or Google, firewood in your area. I would think you would find plenty of vendors. Just tell them how big you want your splits, and I am sure they will accommodate.

On a side note, I'm jealous, as usual, that Academy hasn't made its way up here. This metro area is a black hole for great stores like that.
Missouri is one of the largest charcoal producers in the country . Are you using the wood to run the smoker , or just to add smoke ?
I use the chigger creek products . Great quality stuff . It comes out of Macon Mo. Sells local , but may be worth a phone call and a ride up there . Ace sells the chunks and chips . St. Louis BBQ has the logs . There's another place I saw featured on PBS that sells only cooking woods .
Here's a link for BBQ store .
Thanks for the advice so far. I found someone on Craigslist that says they have oak splits. I just have never used oak but I know a lot do.
I am using the wood to run the smoker. One chimney of charcoal to get it started then burning wood the remainder of the time. I looked at that at Louis bbq place but $14 for a small amount of splits seems pretty expensive when it seems like it will take more than that bundle to do one cook. That’s why I was looking for more bulk.
I looked at that at Louis bbq place but $14 for a small amount of splits seems pretty expensive
That's why I asked . I used to run my offset with my firewood I had stocked .
Quality firewood in this area will be oak , hickory and cherry . Mostly oak .
Throw in a couple splits of peach or pecan for flavor . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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