SRG makes a good heat source for a wok

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    I like it when a single device can be used for multiple purposes, in this case the S.R.G.  I love this cooker for birds, pork butt, and it makes the best baked potatoes I've eaten.

    We wanted to cook hot and fast outside, and planned on using a cast iron wok on the gas grill, but when I noticed that the opening to the SRG is just about the right size, we went for it, and it worked great.  This time it was just searing meats for pizza

    Diced chicken breast in a screamin' hot wok - makes very tender chicken - same John Henry's Texas Chicken Tickler

    First pizza - chicken from the wok, Alfredo sauce, grilled asparagus, feta, Provolone, mozzarella

    We also made an interesting pork topping - about a pound of pork loin we freshly ground and mixed with butt rub, then seared in the wok - very flavorful.  Used this to top a mac-and-cheese pizza. The pizza was a 4-cheese mac pizza with homemade pesto. Cheeses: Cabot sharp, cave aged white cheddar, smoked Gouda, and Manchego - used a wood fired oven.

    Here it is early in the oven

    The finished pizza - man was that a savory pizza


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