Splitting Smoke Time

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Aug 17, 2016
Bay Shore, Long Island, NY
Curing my first piece of belly. My work schedule will only allow me to smoke for say 6 hrs on a Saturday & 6 more on a Sunday. If weather should screw up that plan; can I smoke in 3 hour sessions when I get home on weekdays? Resting in the fridge during the day & smoke a little each night till I hit the goal of 12 hrs?
Yep, Cool smoke, <120 is the desired temp so there is no issue deactivating the nitrite and having the sweat the danger zone...JJ
Lots of guys on here do it that way on here.

3-6 hours of smoke & rest overnight, then the same thing for the next couple of days.

Yep that's how I do my bacon smokes (all cold smoke). After curing I season the meat and place on drying racks uncovered in the fridge for 3-5 days. Then I smoke. Usually 6-8 hours. Rest overnight in fridge uncovered or when it's cold I just hang in the smoker or garage. Then repeat. I usually get 18-24 hours of smoke total over several days. Once I like what I see I let the meat rest for another 5 days before vac packing and freezing.
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