Split Pea Soup With Ham

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Dec 4, 2011
Montana - Big Sky Country
Kind of chilly here today, worked outside on the tractor clearing a little snow and installing a battery heating blanket and oil pan heater.

Came in the house and the wife was making a big pot of split pea soup.

It was kind of a spit pea soup day, chilly and a guy needs a nice warm soup to heat up with!

We also had some home made garlic bread, crackers and some Tillamook cheese.

Here's my favorite part - New battery powered salt and pepper shakers.

It has a light on the bottom so you can see how much is being put on 

Kudos to my wife for a fine pea soup 

Thanks for looking! and stay warm.
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Yes Sir!

That's a hearty looking bowl of pea soup!

A big favorite around here too!

Point to your wife for making some fantastic looking pea soup!

Tasty soup!

Not sure I need lighted shakers. Usually I don't eat in the dark! Nit since my days living at the coast when the power would go out during storms!
I love split pea and ham soup. Like you said, nothing beats it on a cold day. Your wife's looks really great.

I had a set of battery operated salt and pepper shakers. The first time i used them, the entire inner section of the salt shaker (including batteries) fell into a big pot of spaghetti sauce I was cooking. Never worked too well after that. LOL

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  You had me with Split pea soup. And now the pics........ Yummmm. It looks great and I'll bet tastes fantastic.... Great job to your wife and you. 
Man I would love a bowl of that! Running late on the winter prep? I blew a line on my plow for the wettest snow of the year luckily it was only about 2-3 inches but still a pain to move by hand.
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