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Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by tom37, May 30, 2010.

  1. tom37

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    It isn't much but I took a few pics anyways. I did get a rib eye and get it ready and tossed on right at the start so I would have a good snack thru the afternoon. Six slabs was a little much for the uds until I maybe get a rib rack or two. Anyways here is pic or three.


    If you look close there is 3 shelves in there.


    Rib eye waiting for a foil tent.


    The ribs arn't the prettiest but they were tastee.


    Srimp's wrapped with bacon and smoked for an hour. Peeling those shrimp made us thirsty.


    This helps keep everyone from sitting on my cooler, I happen to like it when the lid fits correctly.

    I would have more pics of the rib eye but the 2 of us ate most of it and then the wife came out and it seems she finished it off. OPPS was I supose to tell her when it was ready????   I didn't have to sleep outside so I guess all is good.
  2. placebo

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    All look great to me. Well done and thanks for sharing!
  3. I wouldn't worry about Pretty if your not doing them for a competition, Tasty is more important in my opinion!! Can I use your phrase for my coolers....wouldn't want to get sued for copyright infringement[​IMG].
  4. meateater

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    It looks good to me, ribs got a nice smoke ring and look tender. Thats what counts.
  5. tom37

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    The cooler catch phrase is open to anyone that wants to use it. :) I figure coolers cost way more then the fold up chairs, so why kill a cooler. You all are right, the ribs are great, the only thing that may have helped them would have been to set them on the grill for a few minutes but I'm not loosing any sleep over it.

    Just for the record, after eating the prime rib the spares were like eating a hot dog at a carnival. I will for sure be back to the store to buy a whole rib roast very soon.

    Thanks Guys.
  6. mballi3011

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    Well it looked as if everything came out really great and I know it was tastey too. You did a great job on the ribs and the steak and the shrimp and the Bud lights. Nice job and if I could give you some points I would but that was the old site. Or I don't know how to yet. But you did a heck of a job so keep on smokin. 
  7. old poi dog

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    Looking at those ribs made me hungry and thirsty at the same time.  Great job there..I wish I had some at my table right now....[​IMG]

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