Spammer PMs, Anybody Else?

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I got a notification in my email, but nothing here on the forum. And ya... that Nigerian dude was putting in the overtime trying to find help with his fortunes :emoji_laughing:
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I received an email notification about the conversation. When I went to look at it the conversation appears to have been deleted. A hearty thanks to the website guru's.
I am involved in a similar site with my other hobby and keeping spammers like this out requires effort. Once in awhile one slips through. Pretty impressive how infrequently this crap shows up here.
I moderate on a few facebook groups for photography and its amazing what lengths the east Indian people will go to spam the group. Most of the spammers and hackers come from India. Its a big problem where they make large amounts of money from people that have no idea whats going on. I follow this guy on youtube as he tries to scam them back, He is not always able to but he has taken a lot of them down. Trouble is the police are as corrupt as the scammers. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.