Sous vide tri tip

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Jun 11, 2013
Got a new sous vide for Christmas and finally had a chance to use it. Pulled a tri tip I had vacusealed in the freezer and thawed it out overnight in the fridge. It was still partially frozen when i started at 9am.

Cooked it until 5pm and pulled it out it was at exactly 120 degrees. Seared it in a pan on all sides.

Here's some pics.

Cooking with the vide.

Just out of the bag.



I didn't get to season the tri tip until right before searing it since it was sealed and already in the freezer. So as far as flavor goes it needed some help. But the texture and tenderness from the sous vide process of cooking was phenomenal!

Can't wait to really get into this style of cooking.

Thanks to smokinAl for all the info and answered questions leading up to this first vide cook.
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It's pretty awesome sailor! I can't wait to try more. Tri tip seemed like a good start.
Yes that's correct. I believe al told me 5-10 hours and he said he leans towards the longer part on his sous vide cooks. So i waited until 8 hours to check it and it was where it should have been at 120 where I set it to be. I'm sure it was at 120 hours earlier as well but I let it go. Can't really over cook it with this method.
Thanks Al, and thanks for all the info.

Ritchie you should buy one. I'm only 1 cook in and I'm
That's a nice looking tri tip you've got there hillbillyrkstr, but the 8 hour cook time seems somewhat extreme to me. I've done a number of tri tips sous vide, and usually look at 1-1¼ hours per pound. The tri tips I get are usually in the 2-3 pound range. How much did the tri tip you cooked weigh?

Also, you mention that you cant overcook the item using the sous vide method, which is somewhat true. However, with cook times extended well beyond the norm, the texture of the meat will begin to degrade, slowly going from sliceable to shreddable. How would you compare this tri tip's texture to others you've done in the past in a more conventional manner?

Nice job.
I was told 5-10 hours as my time frame. I just decided to pull it at 8. It sliced like a normal smoked tri tip but was more tender. No complaints here. I'll check my next one sooner to compare.

Thanks for the info dls1.
Nice job on the TT, I just did a whole eye round I think it would be stellar for SV cooking! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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