Sourdough For Tomorrow

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Dec 25, 2010
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Mixed up some SD for tomorrows dinner.

Shaggy and not very purdy. This is just the flour and water mix at this stage. Cover and autolyse for 30 mins.

The next step (forgot pics) was to cover the dough with 150g of active starter. Mix the starter to the top of doung then fold in fo 2 mins. Cover and another 30 min autolyse.
Next i added 14g os sea salt to the top. Wet fingers and presed the salt in then i did another min of stretch and fold. Stretch it dont break it.

Covered and in the proffer for an hour then stretch and fold. This was done 4 times.

After the 4th fold i shaped it. Lightly flour the top, pull and spin to tighten the dough.

Now in my banneton. I dont us the wood ones anymore. These bannetons are made in Germany and much better and work great when using AP flour such as this recipe.
No in a 2 gallon zip lock and counter rest or you can fridge it.


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Finally able to post the pics.

Im using a new Lodge Pro 7qt dutch oven. Did the burn in and went in at 500* which i normally dont do.
Next time i will do a cold and lower heat to 475 bake as not to burn.



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Looking good!
First time I've seen adding the starter after the flour and water. There must be hundreds of ways to do do it!
500!! I just did my second ones yesterday and dropped the temp to 470 and the crust is still a little hard for me.
Also moved from the oven bottom rack to the middle rack
and it was still a little too done on the bottom. Maybe that's just the nature of sourdough....
Your posts are what got me interested in sourdough and I'm hooked :-)
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