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    My name is Cheryl.

     First time I ever enjoyed a backyard smoked meal was in Dallas, Tx with my nephew.  I was hooked.  When I returned to upstate NY i had to get my own smoker.  First one was charcoal.  After a really bad storm blew it off my deck i used one of those little heavy chip boxes in the gas grill.

     Fast forward to two years ago my daughter got a new (electric) smoker, my nephew sent pictures of his new smoker you know the one with the tall cabinet to smoke cheeses and fish.  That did it had I had to have a new REAL smoker not just the chips...opted for the electric didn't want the time commitment of charcoal or the hauling the charcoal bags....  The electric one is really nice keeps the temp not a huge financial hit.   Used it every chance I got that whole first summer.  The big drawback if i wanted to baste or move stuff around on the rack I would have to unload the top rack first.

      July 2014 saw the  dual fuel Masterbuilt Pro all racks accessible from the front can run it on propane love it. All last

    season great no flare ups beautiful even blue flame.  I was so proud of the gorgeous smoke ring on my ribs I even took pictures to send to my daughter and nephew.

     Covered and not used during the brutal winter this year.  Opened it as soon as the snow melted huge yellow flame soot all over the ribs and wings and chicken i put in I was very upset. 

    Checking on the web to see if anyone else had that problem and found this forum.  Many did have the EXACT same problem with the exact same smoker,  I took notes and have an arsenal of things to try and rectify the flame and soot.  This weekend  brisket, ribs, and whole chickens.

    Thank you all for the great tips on how to make my smoker work right again.
  2. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a partly cloudy and windy day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.


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