snowy new years Chuck roast

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Dec 26, 2011
My brother did one last weekend and said it came out alright but not great, out of curiosity looked at the store and found a gorgeous one. Had great luck with turkeys and fatties and for the price I figure if I screw up my first attempt at beef I'm not out much.
Marinated it in Italian dressing, rinsed and rubbed with this Kansas bbq rub I have. Wrapped it back up after the rub and it's back in the fridge. Getting the smoke hollow ready. Cooking it over a foil pan until 160 with bacon on top, going to mop with the drippings. Then put in the foil pan and go until 205. Going to use hickory.
Of course it would snow
So after some thermometer issues that about freaked me out (neither of my Taylor's were reading accurate to my analogs I gauged how far off the one was off, then it decided to stay accurate once the meat was heading up until the wind blew it off the smoker and now it doesn't display anything) regained myself, pulled it at 165 put in pan with beef bouillon I made, Worcestershire abd done rub, foiled and back on the smoker, finally pulled at 190 (temp just wasn't coming up and my brother was already here) foiled in the cooler for 30 mins then put into pan with the juice it was in. A good bit of pulled, we sliced the rest, mixed it up in the sauce and damn it was good, next time I'll definitely take to 205 and rest longer but I was really impressed!!! Cut the bacon up and mixed in with the pulled!!!

Slices were heaven, real nice smoke flavor, tried pulled on a good roll mmmmm

Next time I'll microwave the potatoes some, they were in for 2.5hrs and still real firm, nice flavor though!
Was so happy I took the time to write down what I did for next time. All my brother said was "why are you welding, you should open a bbq place"!!!
Glad I went in and smoked this instead of crock potting it!! Think next experiment will be wings!! Come tax time I'm investing in probably a few mavericks, I've got two Taylors that are junk!! Buddy and me are watching craigslist for a good size charcoal bbq we can add a fire box to and make a killer charcoal smoker for the summer! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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