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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by navyjeremy, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Ok so I am stupid when it comes to making snack sticks. I received some today in the mail and I really want to try making my own but I have no idea where to start. I am pretty sure that I am going to need a grinder, stuffer, casings and seasoning and obviously some meat to go with it. From there I am totally lost and I did a search but it came back with at least 12 pages. Anybody willing to help I would be very grateful.
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    All you had to do is PM me jeremy I will hook you up. You need a grinder and you can stuff with it also. Then the ones I sent you were some rump roast and sirloin tip roast grind up with the large plate first. Then just go buy some Hi-mountain snack stick a kit and it will come with the spices and the casings. Then just mix it up and let it sit over night in the refrig and then re-grind it with the middle plate and then stuff it into casings with the small tube and then just smoke them. You have to start out low temp amybe 100* and then work your way up. 100 for an hour the 110* with smoke for and hour and then 120* with smoke for a couple of hours and then 170* till the sticks get to 156* and then your done and enjoing snack sticks. You can make them alittle hotter if you want with some red pepper flakes. Just add them alittle bit goes along way too.[​IMG]If you have any question just post it or PM me.
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    I make all my snack sticks venison, and mix in pork fat for a 10-20% ratio. If you are grinding and stuffing with a grinder, I would grind once through a 1/2 plate, mix, and grind and stuff at the same time before the meat cures and sets up overnight. Then let the sausage cure in the casing overnight. He gives good smoking instructions, same thing I do pretty much, take it slow and keep your baffles open if you can, gives the casings a better snap.

    When you mix, always mix your cure and seasonings with water, gives you a much better even mix, and helps make sure your cure is distributed evenly throughout the meat.

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