Smoking Ribs @ low temps

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  1. Heya folks,im still having some issues getting higher temps in my wooden smoker,first had too large an element,now too small.Getting temps up to around 150.Been searching but not much luck finding a recipie for a dry rub(marinate in fridge) and a low temp smoke,perhaps with cure#1.Got 4 racks waiting to go any help appreciated:)
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  2. bearcarver

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    Below is a Step by Step for "Bacon-on-a-Stick", but even when cured, you still have to get the meat to 145° before you eat it, and that would take forever with a smoker Temp of 150°:



  3. Excellent,thx bear:)
  4. smokerjim

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    you could go ahead and just smoke them a couple hours and finish them in the oven or on grill, i've done the ham on a stick as bearcarver mentions they are good but they do taste like ham and not ribs
  5. Ok thx,not really lookin for ham.Guess i just have to wait till i can achieve highetemps....thx folks
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  6. bearcarver

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    Actually, Done the way I do them in that "Bacon-On-A-Stick" Step by Step, it tastes more like Bacon than Ham.

    However if you don't like Bacon flavor, you could do like Smoker Jim said----Smoke them a couple hours at your 150° smoker temp. Then finish then in your oven for a few hours.

  7. Thats the plan,thx bear:)

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