Newbie on temps

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Original poster
Apr 27, 2024
Hey there just got a bradley smoker, it struggles to get up to higher Temps. Anyway I had it at 160 then put four racks of thin beef jerky on. The temp dropped to like 120° f and stayed at that temp for an hour. After that it went up to 180 and that's where I have it now. My question is it ok that it cooked at that low temp for an hour? Before it got up to temp. I do not have cure mix in it. Thanks anyone
what's the outside temperature. you can try wrapping the smoker in a blanket. its probably safe i have heard lots of regimentations of letting the meat sit out for a while before putting in the smoker.
Would be fine for me. That’s just the effect of cold meat going into the smoker acting as a heat sink. It’s fine.
Really good then, thanks guys. I figured just wanted to make sure. It only about plus 8 here, I also just read don't use shitty ext cords. I bet that's the problem. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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