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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by texasgal81, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Having a bbq with my family tomorrow since half of us will be out of town for the 4th and I got started super late today.. Already have 4 racks of trimmed spare ribs (St. Louis style) on my Brinkmann Electric, but still have the trimmings, 2 whole chickens, and an 8lb pork butt. All has to be done before noon tomorrow so I'll be up pretty late. Good thing I bought a case of Shiner Light Blonde to keep me company!

    Can't believe I fit 4 racks on this little thing...
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  2. bdskelly

    bdskelly Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Whoo Wee Jamie.  Thats a lot going on in one night!  It's sure sounds good though.  Cant wait to see it all!

  3. good luck its going to be a long night but a night well spent .
  4. I know you're always there to check out my smokes, Brian! Appreciate it. And dang I'm tired already. Stayed out in FW too late last night & worked today. Hopefully it all gets done.

    Thanks James! I'm looking forward to it tomorrow..
  5. 3 hours in.. pulled off the racks, topped with honey, country crock, and brown sugar, then back on for 2 hours..

  6. 5 hours in. Unwrapped, topped with bbq sauce (3 racks wet, 1 dry) and back on for the last hour.

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  7. Ribs are off, chicken and pork butt are on. Time for a nap.

  8. And the butt..

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  9. foamheart

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    I am smelling those chickens from my house, they must be getting close...........
  10. Looking good I hope your guest knows how much hard work and TLC you put into their meal today ,,enjoy

  11. I hope they do too and thanks! Appreciate it!
  12. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Ribs look great! That's a ton of food to get done in a short amount of time!
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  13. Thanks dirt! Ribs and chicken are done. StI'll waiting on the butt. Also put on dutch's baked beans. Going to finish up with Mac & Cheese and ABT's...
  14. bdskelly

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    So... You partied in FW then came home to make this feast with nothing more than determination and an ice cold rack of Shiners.  Awesome.  

    Wish I were young again... Guy's like me and Kev (Foam) just sit on the front porch and talk about it.  ...But we had our days.  ...Lordie we did have our days. 

    Have a blast Jamie!

  15. bdskelly

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    Are you sure thats not your lady friend down the river cooking?  
  16. Exactly! Although I'm not that young anymore so I'm feeling it today. Got it all done, though. ☺
  17. disco

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    The smoke is looking terrific and trust me you are young. I have shirts older than you.

    Also, I am very jealous of the light blonde. She Who Must Be Obeyed says I am too old for any kind of blonde.

  18. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Party till time to put the food on the pit, then crawl back out. And wonder why that smoky aroma doesn't attract more women! "Yeah, smell me, does that smoke smell better than after shave?". "Here smell my hands, smell my hands" You know when you haven't been drinking I can see now why it didn't work so good. Who knew?
    What you talkin 'bout Lewis? Only times I ever stayed out past 9 I was at a new theological exhibit at the Museum.  
  19. bdskelly

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    Pfft? Pfft?? You Kev, know you'd kill for her cobbler.  Anyway, I thought it funny.  And I thought of it at 36,000 feet in route to Seattle. (Got a hankering for a good $10 cup of coffee and then hang out with some hippies.) And Yes Kev. Airplanes  have WiFi on them now. ...Course back when you were doing this job planes had a hand crank and propellers! *Snort

    Anywho...  Back to Jamie's Smoking.  I've been intently watching this young lady since her first post in roll call.  We Texas folk keep a watchful eye on our own.  It has been a blast watching her smoke on that Brinkman. ..And I am  amazed the about improvements in her product and the confidence she has shown in  such a short time.  She's is the man! err I mean lady/ 

    Points for how you did it girl. 


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  20. Looks like you got a good lookin smoke going on!!! Great job!!!

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