Smoking Kielbasa

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Jul 18, 2013
South Jersey
I'm smoking kielbasa in my MB electric smoker. because the kielbasa is in casings do I still need moisture keeping water in the water pan?
I don't have a MB but do have an electric smoker. I don't use water for smoking sausage. If I pull the sausage at 152-155 IT it is not dried out. Just my $.02.
Water is in the smoker as a heat sink. It provides very little moisture. You could always spritz the sausage if necessary. IT to shoot for around 160º to 165º.
Here is The recipe for the Kielbasa I made a few weeks ago now -


3 lbs. LEAN Pork shoulder                                          2 lbs. LEAN Beef Chuck

1.25lbs Pork Fat                                                          Salt  (36.0 g)

Sugar (31.0 g)                                                              Mustard seed (15.0 g)

1.25 tsp.  Cure #1                                                        Pepper, white (6.0 g)

Garlic powder  (6.0 g)                                                  Marjoram dry  (3.5 g)

Nonfat Dry Milk (65 g)                                     Soy Protein Concentrate (40g)

Ice water (8 oz)                                                            38 mm hog casings 

1. Cut the pork shoulder and beef into 1-inch cubes. Cube fat & keep separate.

2. Mix the meat cubes with salt, cure and sugar. 

3. Pack the meat tightly into a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. 

4. Refrigerate at about 39°F for 3 days to allow the meat to cure.

5. Grind the well-chilled meat through a medium plate. Grind the near-frozen fat through coarse plate

6. Combine SPC and NFDM with the ice water; mix well. Add to meat, the pork fat, and remaining dry ingredients; blend to uniform mix. Mix until the paste is very sticky.

7. Stuff into 38 mm hog casings; hang at room temperature until the casing are completely dry to the touch (or 30 minutes or so in a preheated 100° smoker)

8. Apply a light smoke for 30 minutes then raise the temperature to about 120°F and apply a heavy smoke for 90 minutes.  

9. Raise the temperature to 180°F and hold there until the sausage reaches 155°F or pull the sausages after the smoke & poach in water bath (165°) until 155° temp is reached.

10. Chill by immersing into ice water.

11. Hang dry. Refrigerate. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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