Smoking in the snow

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Mar 22, 2006
Well everybody has heard of singing in the rain ,well I was smoking in the snow today . I smoked 2 - fatties , a pork loin , Dutch's beans , 20 chicken thighs ,and twice baked taters. The outside temp was in the mid 20's with no wind and the ( insulated GOSM ) had no problems handling that . In one of the pictures is the inside of a lenz cap , everbody has seen that before ( right ) DAM . Marinaded the chicken overnight in Wishbone Italian dressing and used Cook Shack's Spicy Chicken Rub ,and the pork loin I used a simple pork rub then after reaching 145 degees I foiled it and basting it with apple juice returned to the smoker til it reached 165 degrees then put it to rest for 2 hrs. All in all everything turned out very good.
Looks like some fine chow! And by the way, I love the insulated GOSM. That is one mod that really speaks to me. Inovation is great! I have seen it in other posts and just think it's just so practical. Thanks for the pix.

That all looks really went all out on that one...and in the snow also...the insulation job seems to be working very well for you...can it be easily removed for the summer...or don't you plan on removing it...sure hate it when those lens caps don't know when to behave....

kennymn - that's some good looking food. Were you cooking for a small army, or did you just get hungry for a snack? Really, awesome job

Keep Smokin
Pigcicles- At home it's just the wife and I , but the kids live close by so when they know I'm smoking they stop by for a free meal . So I can't make anything small , what's parent's for !!!!!
Heya Kenny, I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow. Supposed to be about 18*F tomorrow but the snow is done as of tonight. Got a Butt and a brisket going on early AM. No insulation on mine yet, so I may have to bump the twisty knob a little more to the clockwise position to keep er warm. Not supposed to be windy either, but we'll see.

OH, btw, we got about two feet on the ground and another 1-2 inches today.

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