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  1. Hello from Erie, Pennsylvania. We just seasoned our new 30"MES and are looking forward to smoking some salmon tomorrow. Found and keep finding all the info I need right on this site. You guys are great and this site is "smoking!"...(lol). We are newbies and are looking forward to learning a lot more right here. So, thanks in advance, and type to ya soon!
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    Hey there Erie Pa.  Welcome to the site and the smoking hobby.  You are correct;  There is a great deal of info available here and plenty of helpful folks to help out if needed.

    Enjoy your stay and the smoking.
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    Welcome...As a Newbie, I highly recimment taking the Free 5-Day Ecourse. There is lots of good info to get you started. Don't forget the Search function. Just type the meat, technique or smoker you need info on and POOF! Hundreds of threads on Techniques, Recipes, Smoking Guidelines and Pitfall. There are a ton of MES owners here and any question you have will be answered by folks with years of experience. Below is an old thread but has some Fun Mods and Cart Builds folks have done to make the MES work better. Also look into the AMNPS A-MAZE-N Pellet smoke generator. Give 10+ hours of perfect smoke and turns the MES into a Hot, Cold or Warm smoker that lets you get some sleep during a long Pork Butt or Brisket smoke...JJ
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