Smoking for the superbowl

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Meat Mopper
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Jan 17, 2011
Lindenhurst, NY
I did my first Pulled pork yesterday and it turned out awesome, it was a 3.5lb already trimmed by the butcher.

for Superbowl, i was going to have some friends over, and maybe get a 5lb'er with bone in, and make some sliders.

what other things do you guys serve at your parties? was thinking wings, do you normally smoke those?

mainly looking for ideas of what to smoke for superbowl. any ideas welcome.


I don't really care too much about the game...

But it is a great reason to smoke a ton of food.

Wings, ABTs,sausage, and mac and cheese on the menu here.

Also have red beans and rice,PP and some spares frozen and standing by!!


Now a couple of good fatties goes well with a good ballgame. So maybe Pittsburg won't get their butt whooped.
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I am doing up some fatties, 6 pound butt  and some dirty dogs(bacon rapped around a hot dog). for the Sunday game. You no You love smoking food when your wife says to you what do you want for your birthday and you say a pal lit of kings ford... PLEASE.
Orderd a pork butt with bone in and some wings for the superbowl.

also got Jeff's recipe for rub and sauce. going to make both, and use the rub on the Butt!

have to look around for recipes for the Brine liquid for the wings. i've heard that you can just use salt and sugar, but not sure what kind of quantities. i'm sure you guys use some other good combos of spices. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.