smoking chicken hind quarters

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by anthony gervais, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. i was thinking about smoking a bunch of chicken hind quarter with my MES 30 this weekend with some smoked peppers which a guy i know did said were out of this world. the question for the chicken is how long to smoke how to prepare to smoke them and any other advice anyone has.


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    You will inevitably get more answers than you can handle, however since I'm first, Try Brining then overnight and go simple, S/P and Garlic/Onion.

    Have a decent(calibrated ) thermometer and cook it to 165*F in the meatiest part of the Thighs.cook over high temps. (275*F to 300*F ) to get a good crispiness to them and enjoy.

    Whatever you do, have fun and . . .
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    Anthony, You are a Newbie so you get a Pass but Please don't post the same question on multiple forums. This forum is for Chicken and General Discussion is more for things like, " My Smoker is putting out White Smoke! What should I do? " Additionally there are only so many spaces on the Main Page of any forum. If you double post, another members question may get pushed to the next page and missed. Thanks for joining us and we are looking forward to you Chicken result...JJ
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    I don't bother with brining and get moist chicken all the time. Will not take long. I usually go 3 hour or so. You will end up with rubbery skin, so you need to increase temps into the high 290's or as I do, place them on a hot grill to crisp them up.

    170º is usually the "done" ticket, but my wife wants NO BLOOD and for them to be DONE. I take them to 180º regularly and they are still moist.
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  5. sorry i did not see my post here right away so i posted it in the other will not happen again....i am thinking of getting them close to done pulling the skin then putting a sticky BBQ sauce on them. i will make sure i have take a ton of pic of the peppers and chicken even if i have a fail.

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