smoking brisket flat with...pork fat?

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Jan 11, 2011
i was watching a show on the travel channel the other day and the host shot some certain kind of deer in hawaii. anyways, they were cooking it up and he mentioned that the meat is very lean so they put strips of pork fat over it while cooking to keep it moist.

so i was wondering if the same could be done with, say, a brisket flat (pre trimmed of fat from the store), that tends to be less fatty and dry when smoked up. if so, do you think it would affect the taste? or, what about a way to save the fat trimmed off a packer, maybe freeze it and thaw later, to throw on top of a flat to keep it moist?

im pretty new to all this so i thought i'd throw it out there and see what people think...just thought this might be an interesting way to smoke up a flat when someone wants a smaller cut instead of doin an overnighter...

First off don't buy a trimmed brisket flat. If you have to buy the whole brisket. I barely trim anything off a brisket mainly because I'm a firm believer in "Fat is Flavor". Now if you have to I would recommend like Al and use bacon and lay it over your meatto help it keep some moisture in the brisket.
I have smoked a few flat only briskets and they came out just fine without any bacon or anything on top. I inject mine and foil at the 165 mark and take it to around 195 then let it rest in the cooler in foil/towels for a few hours and they are so juicy. I personally wouldn't use the bacon thing but then again I have never tried it so maybe it would be awesome. Its definitely not going to hurt the flat if you use it.
I am with the other guys on not buying a trimmed brisket. If you already have one you certainly could do as Al suggested and use some bacon - EVERYTHING is good with bacon on it
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