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Dec 16, 2006
Wellman, Iowa
I want to put a vent in my Masterbuilt Smokehouse and am thinking about using Illini's idea since my wife works for an electrical contractor the parts would be virtually free.
But if I can get my hands on a "Butterfly Vent" that may be better. I think they are called butterfly vents. The vent that is on most commercial smokers.
Does anyone know where to get one?

FYI: I called Masterbuilt to see if they would send me one for the new units and they will not. I was told that there are some wires in the top that I may hit and mess things up.

I had a deep concern for hitting something when the vent mod was installed....hence the placement at the right front corner 4" in from either was logical that there would be less of a chance to hit something there.....worked for me
I am going to do your mod. I was just hoping to have a way to regulate it. I know you use washers but could a flap be welded on to the side with a nut and bolt to hold it in place?

Getting a vent installed is the main thing.
What it looks like or how it functions are options
Your idea sounds fine....Good luck with the project

This is a copy of a PM sent to another guy

Please do PM me if you need any advice.

Buy a new hole saw for your electric drill and remember to drill the outer cabinet first it cuts easier. The stainless inner skin will reduce the new saw to rubble so it is a one use investment...drill down from outside till you cut through the outer skin and the insulation and continue till the centering bit in the hole saw penetrates the inner skin....then remove your racks and put the centering bit in the hole you just created and drill up through the inner skin....its tough....dont overtighten the electical box connectors...just tighten enough to start distorting the inner skin

hope this helps
rattle my cage if you need to

Things have kind of gotten away from me and I have not had time to get the mod done. I am going to do it just like you did.

My wife shot her first buck last weekend and I had to get it cut up and the head over to the taxidermist so that took most of a day and the day before was just soaking the hunt all up. It was great!

Thanks again for all your help.
Congratulations to the other half for a successful hunt!
Are you making salami and jerky?
Hey first things first, right!

Had a little excitement myself yesterday....A hole-in-one on a 150yd par 3 with winter wear on and 2 gloves on the hands....must have been a fluke....the club manager and a best friend were playing with me so it was extra sweet!
That's cool Illini!!
I have never aced one either. Heck I am lucky not to double bogie a 150 yard par 3 any more. I used to play all the time in high school but evidently when you get older and a bunch fatter your golf game suffers. I cannot get rid of a heck of a slice. Oh well.

If I can find some good salami recipes I am going to try some. I still have a doe tag to fill so that will be the one for the salami and jerky.

By the way if you cut the last small wires on a Bradley jerky rack and bend the ends up a bit to fit their racks work great in a Masterbuilt.

Keep Swingin'
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