Smoker stopped heating Brisket over night. Fire went out...

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May 15, 2021
Hi all.

After smoking my brisket for over 5 hours, and getting it to an internal temperature of over 160, I took it out to wrap in butcher paper and placed it back in the smoker. I then decided to sleep for 4 hours, but when I woke up, the smoker had stopped heating (due to lack of coals) and the internal temp of the brisket had gotten down to about 110. Is it safe to eat, and if so would throwing it into the oven at 300 still yield a good eat?
Thanks's in the oven now at 300. Thanks a lot... this 13 lb brisket cost me over $75
Another strong argument to use a wireless thermometer with temp alarm.
I really love these! I had to run some errands yesterday (not far from home) and left the smoker going. I like to be able to see and have an alarm if things are going south.
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As others have said you're fine to finish the cook and eat. I'll second (or third or forth) the remote temp alarm. I had the same situation a week ago but my alarm woke me up when the fire dropped. I think Inkbird even has a special right now on 4 probe units, search for their post.
Whole muscle meats, like brisket and rib roasts, are considered sterile on the inside... They are safe to eat once the outer 3/8-1/2" of the roast is up to 150F ish to kill the bacteria on the outer portion of the meat.. UNLESS you have injected or pumped or inserted any herbs, spices or anything that would push the outer bacteria to the inside of the roast..
Good advice ALL. Dave is correct about injection or puncturing. In this case, the IT got to 160, hot enough to killing any bacteria inside and out. You would still be fine if it was injected, etc...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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