Smoker quit is brisket still good?

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Original poster
Jun 13, 2021
Hi all new here. Doing my first brisket today. Had pit set to 250, put the brisket on at 5:30am, went back to sleep around 6:30am and it was still going. Woke back up around 8:15am and the smoker was somehow off and was cool to the touch. Am I still good to start the process again since it wasn’t cooking that long? Brisket was trimmed and rubbed in a very salty rub and chilled in fridge for 16 hours. Help please?
I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum. I lit my Summit yesterday, at 8:00 AM. After smoking a brisket, I just let the smoker run. At 10:00 AM today, the thermometer is still reading 250 F ! LOL
Already looking for one to avoid this in the future. Any recommendations?

Inkbird is highly recommended.
They offer several affordable and reliable digital probe thermometers with bluetooth and apps.
ThermoPro is another brand to consider.
Personally, I like the Inkbird IRF-4s.

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