Smoken in Maine

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Original poster
Aug 8, 2007
Eddington, ME
Ther are not too many of us up here, but there are a few. I have been smoken meat for 4 years now and am always eager to learn new recipes.
Welcome to SMF! There is alot of great info here!

Carry on
Welcome to the SMF Family, Kidhuf, from a former Mainer.

Lots to learn here and there is no end or limit to the info. Got a question? Find the proper forum section and post. Answers will fly before you know it!

Welcome to the SMF. Recipes we got and a whole lot more. Smoke,grill,cook,chew, you name it, they've got it.
Welcome aboard kidhuff, glad you found us! There's a ton of great information, backed by some really great folks here, so don't be afraid to ask questions... there's always something new to learn!

Have fun!
Glad to have you here, I used to think I was the only person in Michigan who smoked meat and now I there are a ton of people from Michigan on this site so look around you may be surprised
Looks like I'm late again, but I have an excuse.....was doing some abt's for a small gathering. Anyway...wecome, welcome, welcome to SMF!
Hello from new brunswick Canada and welcome to SMF,,, I was just in your beautiful state yesterday,see you in the forums .
Hi kidhuff!...Welcome to the SMF!...
...We're glad to have you aboard!!...

Sorry it took so long to welcome you, but I've been offline due to ISP/computer problems since July 2...

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