Smoked Tomahawks

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Man that looks great. I haven't cooked up one in a while but that is making me crave one right now.
Yep, had a steak craving, craving sated.
Hamburgers just weren't scratching that itch.
Holy Moly John, that meal would go down faster than a fat kid on a teeter-totter.

Point for sure
Thanks for the point Chris!
That fat kid better watch his tail bone. :emoji_laughing:
fantastic specimens. What's a well marbled tommyhawk go for/lb there?
Just Choice, but not too shabby.
Still too much at $8.99/lb.
Holy Cow Batman! Nailed it!
Thanks Brian!
They look great
Thank you Jim!
Looks great John, nice plate of food . For sure.

I know I am the minority here , but just a little less pink for me , thanks

Thank ya much David!
Grill was still on, you could cremate yours to suite your palate.
Looks awesome! Send some my way lol
Thanks Preacher... Sorry no Uber eats from here.
“Oh my my, oh hell yes!” Awesome.
I gave myself a "Hell Yeah!" at the first bite.
Appreciate it man.
I like a meal on a handle! And the whole plate looks perfect to me!

Thank ya kindly Jim!
Them handles make it easy to go full Caveman.
Well ,,, I knew what the results would be , as they always are . Pure perfection .
Very kind of ya, much appreciate it Chop.
Prime Rib on a stick!
Looks great, amazing the flavors you can find with well seasoned meat without burning a crust on it.
Thanks Mike!
Well seasoned with just Salt and Smoke.
That all looks amazing, John. 👍👍🍺
Really appreciate it Mike, thanks! 🍻
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Above par as usual Chili! $8.99 not bad, but every Xmas and Easter the stores around here go to $4.99 - $5.99 on rib roasts. Last year I bought 36 lbs cut into 1.5" rib eyes. This Easter I am going to have them leave the bones on so I can cut plate ribs from them.
Really nice!
Thank you!
Wow! Really nice steaks for sure.
And thank you too!
Those look good. I have a bunch in my freezer and have done the same. Couldn't beat $6.99/lb and stocked up.
I wish they were that low, or lower.
That’s a whole forest of meat chopping going on right there!!! Nice!
Maybe Paul butchered out Babe?
Chile! Now I'm gonna lean into this Tomahawk thing. Jim is correct, handles on food is good! lol. Bone in Rib-eyes are the bomb.
Yes'sir, bone-in always seems to have more flavor.
And handles? Well yeah, I mean look what Cob Knobs do for corn 😊
Dang that's some nice looking grub Chile! Nice job buddy! Where's the high powered pellet shooter?
Appreciate it Dave!
Holstered out of sight out of mind, concealed means concealed.
WOW I cant unsee that…looks so delish and cooked perfectly!
Thank you David, really appreciate the compliments.
Tum de Dum de Dum Waiting for FedEx knock on the door You did say you had extras.

LOL... Sorry Warren, like I said earlier, "No Uber Eats from this establishment." 🙃
As nailed it!
Thank you sir!
Man if ya'all saw the stuff I don't post up. 🤫
Jackpot ! ! !
Looks okay if you like mouthwatering meat and stuff I guess 🤣
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