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  1. Happy Thursday You Cute Cookies of The Smoke!!!!!!!!

    My beef with scallops is that they are ALWAYS over cooked and rubbery and tough/dried out, unless served as sashimi and thus raw, at the sushi bar.

    Also, ever since a fishmonger took me back behind the counter and showed me how the scallops soak in a saline solution to "plump them up" before being put in the display to sell, I wasn't at all interested.

    But with a love of raw scallops, (the Pike Place Fish Folk in Seattle used to call me "Raw Scallop Eating Girl From New Hampshire," as I would insist on buying a raw scallop to eat right there, while waiting for my fish order to be cut/wrapped when living in the Northwest etc.), I jumped at today's opportunity to get some all natural, nothing added, wild caught scallops from nearby Maine.

    AND, I felt that by EVER SO LIGHTLY or BARELY smoking them (almost as if a "cold smoke" but truth be told, it was simply more of just, "smoking in the cold"), the result would be really perfect! And it was!!!!

    Please enjoy my dinner from today!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

    I mopped the scallops through grapeseed oil (I know, I know, I do the same thing every day - TRUE BE THAT - but love my simpleton way of eating, so kindly just humor me if this is boring you...) smiles...

    I put pistachio shells (our new replacement instead of smoking chips, thanks to Knuckle47 on this site, who forever shall be a hero because of this) into my little gas smoker, along with a Madagascar vanilla bean...

    The smell this yields when smoking is INCREDIBLE!!!!

    And from the moment the lid went on and the machine was started, to the moment the lid was removed and the scallops brought in, was 6 minutes. (High heat).

    Meanwhile, I whisked apple cider vinegar and my beloved Greek olive oil.

    (Note to foodies: For years I did buy Frantoia unfiltered oil from Sicily, and all kinds of delicious and muddy pricy oils, until I got into the Greek oils, and found the flavor could not even compare)!!!

    For a fraction of the price, a better and more flavorful oil is procured!!!

    AMAZING! A Gift from the Gods! Indeed!

    And I boiled a huge pot of black rice, and got some raw spinach leaves together, and some chopped yellow pepper and chopped fresh shallot...

    And I assembled this "mix" (still simple, healthful, non-fussy) and  poured my whisked potion over it all, and added freshly ground black pepper and red Hawaiian sea salt, and this was DELIGHTFUL!!!

    The pistachio-vanilla essence WAS INDEED in the food and so beautifully so, but the scallops were like BABY FOOD, or BABY SOFT, (exquisite), and melted apart in the mouth - raw inside - (perfect) yet with a smoky and crisper edge, subtle as it be, on the outside...

    The smell was downright hypnotic!!!

    Alas, I have found a way to enjoy scallops - all natural wild caught without added junk - and to not have them be overcooked and thus little rubbery and ruined things.


    I am excited to do this again, and the exact same time and way and so it goes. WON-DER-FUL!!!!!

    Happy Thursday to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it delicious!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
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  2. bear55

    bear55 Master of the Pit

    Looks beyond wonderful and once again plating skills superb.
  3. Leah

    That looks fantastic. I have almost gave up on ordering scallops. They are just like you said, rubber. I do cook them at home and they are very tasty. I will for sure give this a try. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Thursday to you[​IMG] and as always. Happy smoken.

  4. Thanks so much Bear55!!!

    And thank you David too!

    Yes it can be done!

    Scallops needn't be tough and just ruined!!!

    Have fun!

    I think you'll indeed just love these delicate-melt-apart-luscious things!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah
  5. do you deliver?  They look fantastic.  I too, love good fresh scallops.
  6. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Scallops are a beautiful thing but have got stupid expensive here with a lot shipped O/S. Scallop pie at the Salamanca markets in Tassie a beautiful thing.
    Love the vanilla bean idea. I have some in the frig that came from Indonesia thanks to a surfer mate.
    I love the simple, scallops always best that way. Did you eat that whole plate on your own?
  7. Thank you so much Tuscon BBQ Fan!! I'd happily deliver some if you lived closer, but for now via photo nonetheless! Smiles. Many thanks!! These were really lovely!

    And thanks Mick!!! I too love them simply done, and moreover undercooked! This was nice! And while I COULD have eaten them all myself (I'm a "good eater") I did split on scallop 3 ways, so that ach dog could have a taste, (they LOVED IT), and then shared the dinner plate with my husband too.

    So fun to find wild ones sold here without added junk!!!

    Cheers to all!!!!!!!!!!! And Happy Thursday!!!!!!!! - Leah
  8. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Ah, scallops. I don't dare tell my wife about this post. She loves scallops. We did a couple of weeks in New Brunswick and she had scallops every day. Scallops are so versatile. In ceviche, lighlty broiled in a cream/ementhal sauce, grilled, in gumbo, in seafood chowder, in cioppino and now smoked. I have had them smoked but have never made them myself. 

    This post has inspired me. Some day when I am looking for kind treatment from the missus I will give it a try.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Thank you Disco!!! Yes these were so soft and delicate! A fun way indeed! (And I agree, from ceviche to cioppino etc., those are great uses of them too)!

    And Mick, I meant earlier to remark that you'll love the vanilla! How fun that you have those special beans!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!! - Leah
  10. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You fed your dog what??
  11. Hah!!!!! Thanks Mate!!! (Just turned on my machine, Mick, and you cracked me right up)!!!

    And I LOVE your dogs!!!

    It gets nuttier even, as one of my dogs, named Steak Tartare in fact, now will not eat his 3 meals a day unless some AUSSIE grass fed steak is mixed in, and it has to be medium rare or he sends the bowl back! No joke!

    Regular steak will not do, it has to come from Australia and so I have the butcher cracking up at the store I now go to, when I come in and say that I'm here for my dog's steaks. (He prefers the NY strip cut).

    Never a dull moment, right?

    In any event, you made me laugh and that is the best gift (other than food/wine) which one can give!!! Cheers to today!!! - Leah
  12. Looks really good! The vanilla part is interesting, i used the cmbination before with scallops but never used it to produce smoke.
    It's high on mu to-do-list!
  13. Thank you Culinairezaken! It's a nice combo indeed, and I bet you'll love it smoked too! Happy Friday!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah
  14. dls1

    dls1 Smoking Fanatic

    Another all around great looking dish and presentation, Leah.

    Among the few things I've never smoked are scallops, but I may have to rethink that. Personally, I usually sear them in a very high heat pan for around 1 minute per side, then finish with whatever sauces or seasonings I've selected. To me, any prolonged cooking results in the unappealing "rubbery" texture.

    Also, it's not too easy getting good scallops since most of what's commonly available are the pumped up and treated ones that have a lousy taste and are nearly impossible to cook well. And, when you can find the good dry packed ones, they're often cost prohibitive to many. The scallops that are immediately harvested and flash frozen can be OK as long as you defrost gently and pat dry with paper towels very well. Otherwise, they'll steam rather than sear.

    I like the idea of the pistachio shells and vanilla bean as an addition to the smoke. Did either, or both, add any pronounced effect to the taste? I've used a variety of nut shells on occasion, but never pistachios.

    Again, a great job. Congrats!
  15. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Captioning was done by EW2(ex wife 2) her idea of a joke to send to various of her friends & family. But its a good photo. Cant remember what preceded it,probably just as well[​IMG]
  16. Thank you Dls1! It really was lovely. (Agreed on the cooking and added/plumped junk with many scallops too).

    The vanilla added more taste and the pistachios added more aroma. Very nice!

    Mick, you are a riot! Thank you!!! That is a gift!!!!! And EW2 had some skills then!!! Smiles.

    Cheers to all! - Leah
  17. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks great Leah!!! I too have an issue with over cooked scallops. We have a restaurant here that cooks them to perfection every time. Here in Oregon, if you are a scuba diver, you can harvest rock scallops. These we eat right out of the shell, no cooking at all. The meat is fluorescent orange, super sweet and needs nothing more than a rinse in the sea water. Mmmmm so good!
  18. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    You can buy some types on the shell here,I will get a photo next time I am at the market.

    Leah nailed those but they are an easy thing to screw up. I know there are the guys who like to bacon wrap them but I don't. 

    Seared then on top of a slice of fried black pudding/boudin/blood sausage with finely sliced apple & radish with a sherry vinegarette my favourite . Yes it sounds a bit left field but its really something.
  19. Hey dirtsailor, those scallops you get sound incredible!!!!!!!!! I love the orange ones!!!

    Yes, just 6 minutes lent a hint of vanilla and outer edge but stayed raw inside and was really nice! My dogs are hooked now and so I went back and got a few more for them.

    Happy March everyone!!! It is a very LUCKY month, and so here is to that, and for all!!!!!!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah
  20. Hi Cuties!

    I got more scallops today (while they're around) and this time pan seared them, for exactly one timed minute (while moving them around constantly in the pan, with a spatula, as not to let them stick and cook too much). Fantastic!

    And so, I'd report that either 6 minutes smoked, OR: 1 minute seared, is the same result and pretty terrific!

    Happy MARCH (month of miracles and so get ready)!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers! - Leah


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