Smoked Salmon Candy w/ Qview

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  1.  Happy New Year All!

    I have been smoking a lot of Salmon lately and have a recipe to share that I hope all you pescavores will like! I've tried a number of techniques and am pretty well set on this recipe as the one I'll stick to. I hope you try it and enjoy it:

    Smoked Salmon Candy

    1 Cup white sugar
    1 Cup Brown sugar
    3/4 cup sea salt
    2/3 cup NM red chile powder
    1 oz (appox. 1Tablespoon) cure #1
    6-8 pounds fresh salmon filets

    Place Dry Ingredients in a bowl

    Blend the ingredients by hand in a bowl until completely mixed.

    The Star of the show, whole Atlantic Salmon Filets

    Portion salmon into 4-6 oz pieces

    Put about 1/2 of mixture into a baking dish and dredge the salmon through, completely covering all side of filet., place on a rack inside a carboy container making sure there is a gap between the rack and bottom of tray.

    If there are too many filets, simply stack on top of first layer. Making sure there is plenty of cure mixture in between. Spread any extra mixture over the top the filets and place carboy in the fridge.

    After 12 hours, or overnight, the cure will have leached out a lot of moisture from the salmon. There should be quite a bit of liquid in the bottom of the carboy.

    Rinse off filets thoroughly, pat dry with paper towels and a Shamwow,  and re-rack in a clean container on clean racks with spacers between to allow air flow on both side of the salmon.

    A note on spacers: I went down to the local metal scrap yard and bought a length of 1" food grade stainless steel tubing. We took them into the shop and cut them into 1 3/4" lengths and deburred the ends...Voila! I can now stack drying racks for bacon and salmon 4 high

    Let salmon dry, uncovered in fridge overnight, or until a tight pellicil is formed. ( a shiny, thin film that covers the exposed flesh. this will help prevent fat from leaking out of the filets during exposure to heat)

    Prior to smoking, paint a coat of maple syrup on the salmon,  baste with syrup 1-2 more times during smoking process.

    This can be a sticky mess, so I usually do this part on the rack in the carboy, which will make your clean up MUCH easier.

    I cold smoked with a mix of Cherry, Apple and Oak for 4 hours, using Todd's A-Maze-N pellet smoker. Because I expect some drip from the syrup, I place disposable foil pans on the bottom of the smoker.

    I have built a cold smoking annex onto my hot smoker with about 8 feet of 4" tube for the smoke to travel through. by putting the smoke generator into the hot smoking box I can cold smoke at whatever the ambient temperature is.

    After a 4 hour cold smoke, I then hot smoked with apple wood with the smoker at about 150-175 degrees until an internal temperature of 135 is reached on the fattest filet. (about an hour) Also, note location of internal temp probe on top shelf filet.

    Pull and cool immediately. These are the finished portions.

    Interior view of the finished product.

    I normally use 1 cup of salt, but I found that even this slight reduction to 3/4 Cup made a profound difference. There was no need to desalinate as I usually do, just a good rinsing was all it took.  The flavor is very delicate a  good balance of sweet and salt. The chile added a nice flavor, but it is not picante at all. Very moist and good texture.

    Probably my best salmon yet.

    Thai green coconut curry with tofu and Smoked Salmon Candy.
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  2. handymanstan

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    Wow that really looks tasty.  Thank you for showing and explaining the way you did this.  I want to try fish soon. Have you tried it with the skin off or would it just fall apart?

  3. Stan,

    Skin off works very well too. It takes the cure better actually, and I've never had it fall apart, this is really firm meat. For me it really depends on where I'm sourcing my fish. Costco's Atlantic comes skinless, and I use that for Lox and they turn out beautifully. These came from my local grocer that was having a sale, and it came skin, scales and all. I have taken the cured skin after eating the salmon, and browned it on the BBQ or under the broiler, and it is quite tasty!

    The best I've made was Copper River Sockeye, which has a very short season in July. If you can get some of that, it rocks!

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  4. handymanstan

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    Thanks SD,  I have to try this.  Never herd of eating the skin before and don't  think I will try that.  I bookmarked this thread in my I have to do file.

  5. If you ever go to a sushi bar, ask for a salmon skin roll... it may change your mind, It is really delicious! Descale it first though!
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  6. goinforbroke

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    Mmm, I'd love to try that on a homemade bagel with cream cheese, red onion and dill.  and some sea salt/cracked black pepper.  

    good job.
  7. Great Q view!!! Thanks for sharing the info and recipe... its now on my to do list. Thanks again. Looks freekin awesome!
  8. Here is a recipe for a spread that I made up that you may like....

    1 Cup cream cheese

    Smoked Salmon to taste

    2T chopped fresh Dill

    2T chopped chives or scallions

    2T chopped capers

    1T fresh lemon juice

    Scant Mauldon Salt

    Scant fresh ground black pepper

    (note: I never measure anything while I'm making a dish like this, so these are approximations. spice to your own taste)

    Whip these together, then flake off salmon to taste and add to the mix, spread on crackers, lavosh, or bagel thins, and start making another batch while your guests devour the first ( I had to make three batches the first time out). Pictured with it is a sprig of purple basil from our garden, which also lent a nice flavor note.
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  9. thatcho

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    awesome recipe just in time for koke snagging. great Q view 
  10. pgsmoker64

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    Looks great SmokeyDokey!

    I love salmon but it is the one thing I have not yet smoked.

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  11. webowabo

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    Glad this got bumped up.. ! I like the annexed cold smoker mod... and of course the salmon candy for sure...
  12. Really impressive! Terrific to see! Thanks for sharing! Cheers! - Leah
  13. Thanks so much.... What do you mean by this got bumped up?
  14. This looks great, I think im gonna give it a Go!  What's the shelf life on this? I bet Your neighbors get real chummy when they smell the Smoker running! (which is also very cool)!!! Thanks for Nice Detailed Post
  15. kjw08

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    Great looking salmon!!  I'm planning on following your recipe to smoke some salmon as well and I was just wondering if the heat from 2/3 c of red chile powder makes the fish really spicy or just a nice mild heat?  Thanks…...
  16. sekkeisha

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    Great recipe, I smoked some this morning and it turned out nice. I don't have a cold smoke set up so I hot smoked it to about 150 and took it out. I did add a little bourbon to the maple syrup and that worked ok too. Really nice balance between salty and sweet and the subtle flavor of the NM chili is delicious. I used no skin from Cosco and it held together great. Thanks for the excellent recipe and guide. I couldn't help tasting before taking a picture.

  17. I have been looking for a good recipe for my winter steelhead, this sounded great. Excellent post!! this is gonna be my go to recipe. Thanks smokeydokey. I had family over for dinner tonight put some out for an appetizer they loved it. Happy smokin
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    That looks great very nice job and thanks for the great post. 
  19. foamheart

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    Nice job on the candy. Nice Walk thru with the Q-View. Not a big tofu kinda guy but nice job with Thai green coconut curry, looks pretty awesome. 

    I am really impressed with your smoking set up though. Out frickin standing!

    Thanks for taking the extra time so we could watch.
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  20. I have been wanting to try fish in the smoker. This looks amazing! I might have to try this out this spring.


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