Smoked Pork Tenderloin Tips

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Boise Elkhorn

Original poster
Dec 5, 2021
Okay, so as I mentioned in another post; I purchased a BOGO deal on pork tenderloin, only it turned out to be tips. I didn't discover it until I went to open the package.
I had planned on stuffed pork tenderloin and had already mixed up the stuffing. I did a couple quick searches on smoking tenderloin tips and they said "Don't, too lean!". Being the rebel that I am I said, we will see.
So, the plan was to make a layer of the stuffing, which had celery, apple and some other things added, place the pork on that, then layer the pork with bacon. We didn't have any full bacon strips, but my wife had some ends and pieces. By the way, if you need to add some fat and flavor you can't go wrong for the price, unless you know someone with a pig farm that you can get your bacon from.
So, here it is on the bed. Oh, the liquid is apple juice.


I wanted to keep the temperature down, but definitely wanted the IT to be 145 or better. Kept the smoker in the middle of the safe zone, sometimes it crept a little higher. Came out with this; IT of 157 for the most part.

Plated it up with some macaroni salad and some mixed veggies.

Fork tender and plenty of juice.
Looks great from here.

I've screwed up on meat purchases more than once and there's always a way to make it right!
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