Smoked Pheasant

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  1. Shot this pheasant on Wed afternoon, plucked and dry aged for 3 days in the fridge. Brined for about 17 hours, drying and now sticking it in a Hickory Smoke. Smoking on the first day of snow! Going to baste it with Agave nectar to get a nice sweetness. Stoked!

    Out in the field 

    Posed at home

    Just pulled it from the brine

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    I will follow this smoked pheasant.......

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  3. Yeah me too :) My first pheasant of the year. Shot a Chuckar a few weeks ago that was great, but pheasant is my fav. My wife made a stew in a pumpkin as well. Going to be a delicious dinner :D
  4. Definitely one of the best things I've ever smoked... After it was stripped my daughter says, "What's that?... Can I eat it?" (pointing to the tail), sure if you want to eat it. The picture is the result.

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    Looks awesome.  I just smoked pheasant this weekend too.  I need to try to pluck the birds and try that.  We just skin the whole thing and I drape bacon over the breasts to keep them moist.  Sadly no Q-View for it. 
  6. It takes a long time to pluck. But dry aging and plucking is the way to go. I found a great website for upland game, search "honest food pheasant" and you'll find it. Been really helpful for aging/plucking etc. so good. Can't wait for next time...
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    Sounds good.  I'll look into that.  

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