Smoked Mixed Nuts

Discussion in 'Fruit, Nuts & Vegetables' started by tjohnson, Apr 15, 2012.

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  2. Gonna have to try this too pops...thanks for the idea....RTBBQ...[​IMG]
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    1) Try Todd's recipe for smoked nuts.... LOOK FANTASTIC!!

    2) Buy another monitor because this one has a bite out of one corner from trying to eat the pictures!

    3) ..... and a drool proof keyboard!
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    Those look great Todd .. I will have to try them also. I buy a rack at WW that looks kinda like those and they are cheap. Use them a lot. Nice job.
  5. Looks absolutely delicious. I need to get one of the Amazen's.
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    Believe Me!  It will be the best investment you will ever make!  It is just AWESOME!!   The pellets go a long ways and makes your products delicious!

    It's as simple as that, and you will not find anyone more responsive and gracious  and customer service-oriented as Todd Johnson to work with!
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    I did Todds nuts  [​IMG]


    Sorry to hijack.

    Took Todds recipe and got together. I took the Brazil & Hazelnuts out...yuk


    I added some kick up. I didnt add any salt being the nuts were already salted.



    Using my MAK pellet grill and Bradley side box. Got them going while i mix the recipe up.


    Added the dry to the egg whites. and mixed.


    Using my Reveo to coat the nuts.






    Now spread em out on the pans.


    In my MAK at smoke setting and 1 rack in the side box. 180 for 25 mins. (time got away from me and they went for 40)




    Now bump to 250. Toss them like Todd said every 15 or so.


    On frogmats cooling. The candy coating will harden fast.



    These are freaking AWESOME.

    Only problem is keeping yer paws outta em.

    Thanks Todd for a great recipe.
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    I have to like this post, just for the first line!  [​IMG]
  9. The wife was bragging me up to some friends about my smoked cheese and nuts - the friends reply "What, did he stand too close to the smoker?" [​IMG]

    These really are awesome, I do several pounds at a time, and they don't last the weekend.
  10. I also took the plunge with some Marcona Almonds from Costco. They really turned out nicely! Thanks for the great recipe!

    They really don't last long. I did 2 lbs. and they shot out the door. I did find a nice alternative to Frog mats, since I have no local source for them, and I was impatient to try the recipe. We have Smart and Final here which is a restaurant supply, and they have these expanded aluminum racks that have come in very handy. They cost $1.69 each, and the come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all have upturned edges, and they clean right up in the dishwaher. I got 12X16 and 6X12 rectangles.

    One word about the smoking process... make SURE you have adequate drip pan coverage below the racks, this egg-sugar mixture is an unholy- gooey mess when you're smoking!




  11. tjohnson

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    Glad to see you guys are making some smoked nuts!!


    Never thought of trying some Slap Ya Momma seasoning.....Sounds great!

    I made some Smoked Mixed Nuts again this past weekend, and had to finish them in the oven

    They finish very quickly at 350° in the oven, and I burned a few in the process.


    I dig the pans!!!

    Wonder if they're available anywhere else?

    Haven't seen them locally in Minnesota

    Frog Mats are spendy, but very useful

  12. Todd,

    I would think most any good restaurant supply would have access to them. They are surprisingly durable. They get a little bent up in use, but you can persuade them back into shape, and hell, their only $1.69.... I'll get some Frog mats, but these are a great stop gap. should give you some outlets.

    I noticed that the nuts I made were a little sticky. I assume a little more dry heat like the oven will tighten them up? They really are delicious!

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    Wally World has some very similar in the BBQ area 
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    The batch I made with Honey stayed gooey, so the next time, I omitted the honey and the coating was hard.

    Careful not to cook/smoke too long, or you'll turn the coating into a very hard brittle coating.

    I'll check out the link and see if I can get them locally

    Frog Mats are spendy, and I would like to keep a set up at the cabin

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    I plan on making these as gifts for my coworkers. They look amazing!
  16. Question Please; would there be any weather restrictions to making them. On a rainy day they say don't make candy because it won't come out right.

                              I made candy once on a rainy day and it came out sticky. Sugar is hygroscopic.
  17. Any ideas.....................?
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  19. tjohnson

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    You are correct!

    Personally, I would wait for the rain to pass, but if you vac seal ot place in a sealed container after cooling, all is good.

    The original recipe called for honey.  I let the batch sit over night and the next morning, it was all sticky.  A quick toss in sugar and all was good.  I was able to turn a "OOPS!" into  great sugar coated smoked almonds!!!

    Seal them up soon after smoking, and all should be good

  20. jimf

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    I followed the recipe to a T.  Coated mixed nuts in all the ingredients, looked good, smoked at 100* for 2 hours using Hickory, then at 225 for two hours. (used my electric smoker)  The nuts have a smokey aftertaste but I can't taste any of the ingredients.  I thought with all that sugar it would be super sweet.    Any idea whats up?

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