Smoked Meatloaf???!! Dang Right!!!!

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
May 21, 2007
man i had never heard of smoked meatloaf till i came to this board,informed the wife saturday of the meatloaf plan and she thought i was nuts,mixed it up ,fired up the char-griller/sfb 250 degrees for approx
3-4 hours internal temp 170 i fixed a brown sugar/catsup/redwine vinegar glaze to top it gosh!!!!! that was the most delecious meatload i've ever eaten!!!! the ol'lady just kept eat'n and braggn!!!! my daughter came through whose 19,and dosen't like meat loaf ,i conned her in to trying it and got an awesome!!!! out of her!! this board has paid off already in info and new ideas.great meatloaf if you haven't tried this idea man your missing out!!
Congrats Daddio!

Glad your meatloaf turned out so well!

Keep on smokin'!

we loved it that's for sure,plus it's something you can throw on in the morning and eat for lunch,with just a few hours cook time and satisfies that smoky taste your wanting in your mouth and wanting to just fire the smoker up with out a whole lot of time involved if you busy.once again thanks for this idea,it's a keeper for sure!!
Now you've done it! Gonna have to make one and include it in the MASS Fatty Smoke tomorrow.
Smoked meatloaf is simply the best.
Same here. I had never heard of it before I found this site about a week ago. I made it yesterday and it was delicious !!! I do not think I will make another meatloaf in the oven.....
i never heard of it before i signed up eitherdone a few so far and will be doing a lot more is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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