Smoked meatballs and pulled pork on the mini, Qview

Discussion in 'Beef' started by i6quer, May 18, 2014.

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    This is my second try at meatballs on my mini, and after realizing earlier this week that we were out of pulled pork for a weeknight meal I put in a portion of a pork shoulder too. 

    The meatballs had been mixed up a couple of weeks ago with a mixture of ground beef, tomato sauce, and quick cooking oats.  We get beef from my uncle's farm and it can't be beat.  Friday night I put some a little mustard on each meatball along with some of my basic bbq rub.

    The pork was part of a shoulder, the rest of which became BBB.  Same exterior preparation with mustard and basic bbq rub as the meatballs, along with an injection of apple juice, worc. sauce, sugar and salt.

    I set up the mini's basket with some hickory and a hole in the middle for the lit coals.

    Pork on the bottom rack, meatballs on the top rack on my latest purchase, a cut piece of q-matz.  Temperature 240-250.

    While the smoker was rolling, it was a good chance to make some crescent rolls.  Here's a shot after the dough rose, divided it into thirds, rolled into a circle, painted with melted butter, and cut into triangles with a pizza cutter.

    The meatballs don't all come to temperature at the same time, so of course the early ones have to get sampled!  Here's a close-up.

    Here's the pork at around 145... on a rack in a pan with what was left of the injection and a little more apple juice.  Inserted the Maverick, covered with foil, and into the oven at 250 to get up to 200.

    Here are a couple of final shots of the pork.  The mini provides a much more pronounced smoke flavor and ring than my MES even though the mini does require a more watchful eye.  I de-fatted the leftover liquid and mixed some back into the pork after shredding along with a touch of bbq sauce.

    Overall I was very happy with the meatballs, they were pretty fantastic.  The pulled pork was good too, I just wished I'd left it on for a few more degrees to shred a little easier.  Later!
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  2. seenred

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    Mmm...that's some delicious looking meatballs and PP!  Nice going Quer!

  3. i6quer

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    Thanks Red! I've enjoyed your posts on the Rec Tec, it's definitely in my sights if/when my MES goes out. Not sure I can convince the mrs before then though!

  4. Nice looking grub man!  [​IMG]   Looks like you ate pretty well... Nice smoke  [​IMG]
  5. i6quer

    i6quer Fire Starter SMF Premier Member

    Thanks B, it's been tough saving the leftovers for a weeknight!
  6. Smoked meatballs have to great! I'll have to give it a try next Sunday gravy day...They look excellent.
  7. c farmer

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    Great cook.

    I bet the meatballs would be great in meatball sammies.
  8. seenred

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    I appreciate the kind words Quer! You can always tell the Mrs. that Rec Tec will finance up to 24 months same as cash. I took advantage of that when I bought, which is how I sold Mrs. Red...made paying it off very easy.

  9. worktogthr

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    Like that idea a lot! Nice to see fellow Sunday gravy makers.

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