Smoked Leg of Hogget

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  1. A few months ago I put an ad up on the local craigslist, looking to buy an older lamb for butcher.  I was tired of buying scrawny little lambs.  I ended up getting one about 15 months old. 

    Here is a pic of the little darling, before his visit to the abattoir and the freezer.

    Anyway our cousins in England, Australia, and New Zealand call an older lamb hogget.  Hogget is a live domestic sheep between one and two years of age, or the meat from such an animal. Hogget meat tends to be of a darker red color than meat from a younger lamb and to have a slightly richer flavor.

    I've been eating the chops and roasts out of the freezer, and its really good.  So for Easter Sunday I decided to smoke a bone-in leg. 

    The leg weighs 10 pounds.



    I made a rub of Cavender's Greek Seasoning, garlic, sea salt, and olive oil.

    I smeared the rub all over the meat, wrapped it in foil and put it in the refrigerator to marinade all night.

    In the morning at zero-dark-thirty I'll fire up the ol' Apex Apparatus Mark 1 Smoker and hang the leg in there, in a ham stocking.

    More pics and details tomorrow.
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    Good looking animal and sounds like a good plan can't wait to see the results. Have a great smoke
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    Yes it is hog get to us way down here. still popular in country areas but city folk want dainty little lamb. Yours on the hoof has a very English look,Suffolk or similar. There is a move here to bigger meatier breeds ,Dorpers the latest,mix of Dorset & Persian? breed came here via South Africa . Very broad across the back & heavy set. Tasty too.
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    Look at the legs on that....WOW...hubba hubba
  5. The leg is stuffed into a ham stocking and is now hanging in the smoker.

    Its set at 210F with cherry wood chips in the smoke box.

    I inserted the probe thermometer, it reads 34F, so at least the meat thawed out and is ready to be smoked.
  6. After a bit more than 4 hours, the probe shows 125F.  It should be up to 140F in another hour or two.

    The color is looking good after four smokes of cherry chips.
  7. I pulled it out when it reached 137F, wrapped it in foil and put it in a styrofoam cooler. 

    I'll let it rest for about 45 minutes or so before carving.
  8. The leg of hogget coasted up to 141F. 

    Sliced at the shank end, it shows rare/med.rare meat:

    It is very juicy, tasty and tender. 

    The cherry woodsmoke is a good complement to the lamb flavor.

    This was a good success!
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    [​IMG] looks great
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    Looks awesome. Buying meat on the hoof always seems to taste better. 
  11. I agree with that.  When I moved to Idaho I started buying animals instead of packaged meat.  Since I'm in an agricultural area, its easy to find a deal.  So far over the years, 1/2 elk (farm raised), 1/2 pig, 1/2 cow, 2 lambs and this hogget.  When there's room again in the freezer it will be time for another 1/2 pig or maybe a llama.
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    WOW, bee-EWE-tiful!  [​IMG]   Looks AMAZING!!!
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    Very very nice!

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    How did this turn out?

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