Lamb in the cold!

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Feb 2, 2014
Rhode Island
Woke up to 12* this morning and its up to 18* now.

Going to throw a butterflied leg of a lamb into the MES in a couple of hours.Going to use pecan shell dust for smoke and will probably smoke the lamb at 265-270 to quicken the cook.

The lamb is seasoned with dried rosemary,basil,mint and dill from my garden.Also some minced garlic,salt/pepper and a pinch of marjoram.Rolled and tied and back into the fridge for a short nap.

Will post up pics of the finished cook later.


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I'll bet it's going to be tasty! Made me go look in the freezer to see if I still had any. I must have run out of my on sale stash. I've got a olive mint tapenade that has some kind of lamb use in its future.
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Now that was some wholesome deliciousness! Perfect medium rare.

The side is a little of a guess. There's breaded then browned eggplant,all the other stuff on it was vac sealed in the freezer. It looks to be mushrooms of some type with peppers and tomatoes. The actual sauce is something tomato based. Anyways the eggplant was baked with it at 350 for a half hour. There was a little leftover broccoli too.


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