Smoked hard boiled eggs.

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Mar 27, 2007
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I am going to try these along with my Smoked Easter Turkey. I have this old smokin book that belonged to my Grandfather that has this recipe in it and have always wanted to try it. It goes like this; hard boil, cool, peel and place in smoker and smoke @ 85' until a rich amber color and prepare as you would deviled eggs which I found a kicked up version using a big dollop of horseradish in the yolk mixture. The only problem I see with my new still experimenting with electric smoker is to how and get the chips smoking at 85' even though the electric element is reostatically contolled and will maintain this temp. So I thought about putting about four red hot charcoal brickets in the chip box and toss in some chips and moniter the temp with the control. Has anyone ever tried smoking hard boiled eggs before?
yea, you will be waiting for an eternity to get chips smoldering at 85....not even sure why it would have to be at that temp and not lower....guess I'll have to give it a try one day in my cold box setup.....
I found that for me eggs work best when I've already finished smoking for the day and there's still just a bit of smoldering coals and chips left over. I throw one or two coals in a few small wood chips and let it go for awhile.
Quite a while ago...someone posted a link for bbq videos..and one was for smoked eggs...If I remember correctly...they put the raw eggs...on the grill..cold side...indirect heat the heat up to 175* with smoke...and let them go for about 2 hours...claimed the smoke penetrated the shell...have tried to find that post several times but so far it has eluded me..
Has anyone tried this out yet?  I was thinking of doing this and figured someone else out there has tried it before.

I was wondering which method worked best.   I was thinking of making a cardboard box cold smoker so I could do these, but if I didn't need to...
Try this, got this from another forum but don't want to post a link (forum rules)

I tried it and it works



Homebrwew those eggs look awesome, have you tried these




I smoke raw eggs at 225 for 2 ¼ to 2 ½ hours with a little mesquite.

They are great plane, as deviled eggs, in egg salad, or in potato salad  
Sorry, just realized I answered a 4.5 year old post

You guys resurrecting Old Posts are killing me
 Squib,I'm with you;those old post get me misdirected,then I feel
.As for the Eggs...I smoke raw eggs a lot,not only do they make a great tasting Deviled Egg,but potato salad with smoked Eggs AND Potatoes is to die for;placed right on the grill and left at 225*f for about 2-1/2hrs.
,but they are a good snack with S/P and a drink
while the meal gets done

   I know,
, But I'm in the process of re-taking a bunch of shots I lost in my last crash

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