Smoked English cut beef short ribs.

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Nov 11, 2014
Northern California.
Hello everyone out there in Weber Smokey Mountain land and Smoking Meats Forums,

Today I smoked English cut beef short ribs in my WSM.

I washed them down with distilled white vinegar before seasoning them.

I seasoned them with Kosher salt, Coarse ground black pepper, granulated garlic, granulated onion, and espresso coffee!!! Yum!

Then I cooked them in my WSM at 250 F using Kingsford charcoal and Hickory wood chunks. After about 6 hours my temperature probe slid into them like room temperature butter!! Approximately 208 F. They had a nice smoke ring and tasted Delicious!

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Phenomenal looking beef ribs! 

Where'd you buy short ribs like that?
Hello b-one,

The reason I use the vinegar bath is one it kills all the bad little critters that might be on the meat from processing, and two it works as a great binder and gives good flavor

. It is an old school bbq thing.
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Tasty looking ribs!

The vinegar wash is an old school butcher/grocer thing too. Work for a guy that said they'd wash the older pork cuts in vinegar then put them back in the case.
Hello Noboundaries,

I bought these Short Ribs at R & R meats which is a local meat and seafood  market and wholesale  company here in The Redding California area.
Thank you SmokinAl.

Sorry it has taken me so long to reply back to you, but the browser I was using kept giving me a JAVA script error every time I tried to reply to any responses on this forum. Fixed now!!

This was not my first attempt at short ribs. I posted a few months ago some short ribs I did after making multiple Modifications to my WSM.

Here is a picture of those short ribs along with some of the modifications from back in April of last year.

View media item 478271
The Cajun bandit SS door with SouthCo latch, Cajun Bandit SS larger water pan, and the Cajun bandit SS high flow charcoal ring are awesome!!!

I also have a Pitmaster IQ110 temperature controller and a Maverick ET-733 which I use too!!!

Love the toys!

I don't really need them, because the WSM is pretty much set and leave all on its own, but I love them anyway!
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Hello dirtsailor2003,

I learned the vinegar thing from an old friend, whom I used to work for in his steakhouse BBQ restaurant several years ago.

He was really old school, and said the vinegar acted as a disinfectant. He also said it added to the flavor profile, and  it helped the seasoning rubs and marinades penetrate better. I could, and have tried to science the heck out of this theory!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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