Smoked Chuck Roll - first try

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Jan 26, 2011
I have smoked a few big cuts of beef in the past (briskets, couple of clods, etc.) but wanted to see what a big Chuck Roll could do for a poker party.  So I bought a 26 pounder from RD for about $3 per pound:

I trimmed off some of the bigger chunks of fat but I might not do it so much next time.  It renders off very well regardless.

Set up the smoker with cherry wood in the housing and hickory pellets in the tube smoker (although I didn't let the flame burn long enough - dang it).  The big drip pan is placed under the meat to catch drippings (used later).

Put together an injection (something I saw here), boil and let simmer for 5 minutes - chill with a few ice cubses - start injecting.

3 cups Beef Broth
1 cup Red wine
4 teaspoons Worcestershire Sauce
2 tablespoons Rub (Dizzy Dust)
1/2 stick butter (salted)

I only injected about 2/3rds of it - poured the rest in the drip pan

Rubbed Dizzy Dust Coarse liberally 

Slide it on the top of the smoker (burn hands and arms on various things - forgot that the tube made everything hot)

Set it at 225. Go back to work, dinner, sleep, wake up next day (thanks Smokin-It for giving me my life back).  After 18 hours, stick the temp probes in and the meat was stalled (as expected) around 153. Turn the heat up a little to 235 (cold outside).  6 hours later, the stall had finished and internal temp was 165.  Removed the beef.

Remove the pan with the drippings, pour into container and put in fridge so the fat and oil will solidify (for removal).  Wrap up the meat in double foil, put probes back in and put back in smoker at 235.  The meat takes about 4 more hours to get to 190 (should have waited until 195 but there were hungry gamblers waiting 

Pull the meat and let it sit for an hour (could have sat for another but people were weak).

Pull container from fridge, remove congealed fat with spoon, put remaining liquid in pan and heat up.

Pull meat, remove any fat and bad parts, put in big pot and shred with Pork Puller.

Add liquid into pot and mix it up with Pork Puller (sorry - no picture)

The meat was excellent and everybody went home with a couple of pounds extra for the family.

The 26 pound roll probably rendered to about 20 pounds

Lessons Learned

1) The timing was a little longer than a pork shoulder, maybe because it was very good beef.

2) When you use Amazen tube smoke, follow the dang instructions!

3) If I did it again, I'd probably start about 6 hours earlier to allow more time to reach 195, sit afterwards and serve when guests are ready.

4) I'm not sure buying Angus turned out better than Choice.  It's a big piece of meat but I think my previous Shoulder Clod had even better flavor

5) The re-use of the drippings (and removal of fat once chilled) was the best addition to the process - thanks for whoever came up with this - seems like a no brainer now but I'll do this with all pulled meat from now on.

Also, I experimented on a few new sauces because most that I've tried seem either too sweet or more complementary to pork.  One in particular was outstanding but I think I'll try a few derivations of this again in the future.  I'll post a recipe some day of the finished product.
Loved reading the whole post.  Great sense of humor.  You sure did a great job on that Chuck Roll.  I have never smoked a whole roll, definatly on my list.  I'm sure the card players appreciated all the prep work and your effort. Thanks for all the pics also!! Reinhard
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Im sure every cut is a little different. See how it feels. I know this is an old post but our local Cash and Carry has Chuck Roll's on sale for $2.98 a pound so I was considering doing one. It says they average about 25 pounds though, so I want to be sure I know what im getting myself into first. That's a biiiig hunk of meat. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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