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Original poster
May 10, 2017
So trying this tonight. Smokin' some veggies and beef, then letting it soften up in the crock pot tonight. 

Ingredients (no exact measurements, just wing it):

'Bout 5lbs of beef (stew meat and ground mixture)
Couple o' cans of diced tomatoes
Celery, chopped
Large yeller Onion
'Bout 20 Anaheim peppers
As many Jalapenos as you want for heat (or Serranos if you ain't servin' mild-palated folk)
Some New Mexico dried chiles for makin' a paste
Cumin, Salt, Cayenne. and maybe some chili powder as preferred

I smoked the Anaheims, onion, and celery (chopped) for about an hour, and the beef in a cast iron skillet for about 1.5 hrs.

Whilst all that was going on, I softened up the dry New Mexico chiles, then pureed them in the food processor.

After the Anaheims, onion, and celery were ready to come off the grill, I broiled the Anaheims in the oven to soften 'em up just a bit, then pureed those and the onion up in the food processor. This is where the real flavor comes in.

I took the meat off, drained the fat, then browned it a bit more. While that was going on, I put the diced tomatoes in the cast iron skillet, and let them get about 20 minutes of smoke. Then I added all the ingredients together, and it'll all soften up overnight in the slowcooker.

We'll see how it does.


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May 10, 2017
Thanks, all.

We'll see.

I've had a little taste this morning and -while it is good- I would not say it's my best batch, although I smoked the ingredients. The real test will be what others at work think. 


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Dec 30, 2016
Wow that is some hearty stuff!  I'm glad it came out good! :)
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