Smoked Chicken Enchiladas - Perfect Sunday Dinner!

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  1. Hello SMF Folks and Happy Sunday!

    Yesterday I smoked a whole chicken and lots of other stuff for my "Sister Friends Happy Hour & Munchies Day"  My sister friends didn't eat all of my smoked chicken so I decided to do something different with my leftover bird - so I made some off the chart good Smoked Chicken Enchiladas.  I must admit they were some of the best enchiladas I have made in a long time.  Here's my Q-views and step-by-step recipe.  Enjoy! 

    Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby!

    My bird I smoked yesterday. before I smoked it I slathered it with my savory homemade coleslaw dressing because I didn't have any dang mayo so I used what I had on hand........I sprinkled with my bird rub and on the smoker it went - and it was darn good!

    I started off with 1 cup diced onion - season with kosher salt & ground black pepper

    add some olive oil and cooked over medium heat until onions are softened

    added 1/2 cup roasted bell peppers and 1 - 4oz can of diced green chili's (not jalapenos)

    I pulled apart 1 chicken breast, 2 legs, 1 thigh (that's all that was left from my afternoon "sister friends party")

    added a pinch red peppers flakes (optional).  didn't need to add any other seasonings because the pecan smoked chicken had an awesome flavor.  added sautéed veggies - mix together until well combined

    added 2 tablespoons tomato paste - the tomato paste will hold everything together.

    add just enough canola (or peanut) oil to cover bottom of your skillet. heat oil until hot but NOT smoking.

    add tortilla shell to hot oil just long enough so it becomes pliable - DO NOT OVER COOK IT HERE!  if you do - you will be arrested by the "tortilla police" want it PLIABLE! if you need a visual of this method go to my video "Making Beef Taquitos Time Saver Menu #4" here's the link

    add a tablespoon of the chicken mixture in the softened tortilla and roll-up gently as pictured below. Guys handle this tortilla like it's a new born baby (or your woman) To my smoking sisters you do the same - handle this tortilla like you would your man (when you're not mad at him lol) other words BE GENTLE!

    lightly spray a baking pan with canola or veggie oil.  Place rolled tortillas in the pan seam side down - continue adding until the pan is full.

    Since my Jerry passed away, I am cooking just for me these days so I had lots of rolled tortillas left.  I wrapped them up in individual packets of (4) taquitos and I will cook those on a later date for me.  For now, I will label my packets and freeze. 

    wrapped taquitos in plastic wrap and bagged in a Ziploc bags.

    place all in a large Ziploc bag and freeze.

    Here I covered my Smoked Chicken Enchiladas in enchilada sauce - next I will cover with Mexican 4 Cheese Blend then they will go into a 375 degree oven. I will bake them until the cheese is melted, gooey and delicious!

    melted cheesy GOODNESS.............

    I like to top my Smoked Chicken Enchiladas with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, diced onions and a splash of hot sauce.  What can be better than this........................................checkout the next pic! Can't have Mexican food WITHOUT a cold brew (with a twist of fresh lime) and a shot of Mr. Jose Cuervo - that's the law here in Vegas!

    A Sunday dinner fit for a Queen (that would be me!)......Jerry loved my Smoked Chicken Enchiladas!

    Sophie (aka the beagle) enjoying some of Mom's Smoked Chicken.  Think she is spoiled??? lol

    "the beagle" is ready for her after dinner nap...................

    Mom is ready for a nap too!
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  2. c farmer

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    Wow. That looks awesome.

    It may be over my head to make thou. Lol
  3. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Oh my goodness.... Now I need an e-mail of some of that !! YUM !! Looks awesome..... Thumbs Up Come on and send me an e-mail of some of that tasty stuff..... Help a Brotha out.... :biggrin: Nice thread my friend !
  4. c'mon can do this it's easy.  The next time you smoke a whole chicken just do it! where's the rest of your pics of your Awesome Onion Rings?
  5. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks fantastic Josie! Love using leftover smoked meats for enchiladas! Soooo Good!
  6. ditto that DS
  7. c farmer

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    Last edited: Aug 3, 2014
  8. lol................"help a brotha out"

    it was some tasty stuff brotha J.  make sure the kids see the pic of Madam Sophie aka the beagle! she is STILL sleeping lol.
  9. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member


    X2...looks like both you and Sophie ate great, Josie! That looks like an awesome dish...thanks for sharing!


  10. thanks for stopping by "Casa SmokinVegasBaby" and thanks for the points.
  11. waterinholebrew

    waterinholebrew Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I'am sure it was tasty ..... :drool The kids do get a kick out of Sophie..... She's a cute pup.... I'd still be napping too.... :biggrin:

    Take care my friend

  12. [​IMG]love my puppers!  have a good evening brotha - chat with you again soon.

    Sista J
  13. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Now that is seriously good cooking[​IMG]. Labour intensive & best done by gentle sets of hands.

    I am in an enchilada free zone down here,cant say I have ever seen one .However I have given up on Mexican food here because its been done so badly for years by unengaged hipster types. If you cant do it properly leave it alone.[​IMG]

    Its sort of a cannelloni relative. 

    I love your work[​IMG]
  14. thanks Moikel.  So sorry you are in an enchilada free zone down there......that sucks! thanks for the nice compliment.

  15. knifebld

    knifebld Smoking Fanatic

    Once again awesome job Josie...not used to enchiladas up here....would love to make them...but think I would get stuck on softening up those tacos! LOL
  16. softening up the taco shells is easy Chad....and if you get stuck send me PM or email no worries!

  17. OMG!!!!! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to try this one
  18. Thanks UncleBubbasBBQ - they are really good. Today I'm gonna have some of those Taquitos - my favorite snack [​IMG]will post pic later.

    Josie aka SmokinVegasBaby!
  19. Ok UncleBubbas BBQ - I made my taquitos for lunch here's my Q(taquitos) View [​IMG] some serious mileage out of my smoked chicken!!!

    Smoked Chicken Taquitos - Happy Tuesday everyone!

  20. Very Nice! What's the name of your restaurant

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