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Apr 12, 2013
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Smoked butter is in demand for use by restaurants however they sometimes find it quite difficult to find. I therefore have an arrangement with one of my local restaurants where I smoke butter for them. It is not usually used in quantity in the actual cooking but is added in small amounts as a flavouring after the food is plated. It goes especially well with seafood, steak and green vegetables.

Butter is smoked in a similar way to cheese however more care needs to be taken in controlling the temperature during smoking. I do this by smoking overnight and loading a tray of ice in the bottom of the smoking chamber during the smoke.

Cheese pats unwrapped and stacked on racks ready for loading into the smoker.

Tray of ice loaded into the bottom of the smoker

Racks of butter stacked in the smoking chamber

After smoking and 24 hours on rack in fridge the pats are then vac packed

As with smoking cheese the butter needs to stand for at least a week before using or freezing.
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Hi Wade, that butter looks a quality product. To change tack a bit, my wife took me to the Wild Boar Inn near Windermere for a birthday treat at the weekend, it's the place where Smokey Jo's hold there smoking courses. The place has it's own smokehouse and consequently smoked items play a big part on the menu. We had a shared platter of smoked meats / cheese / fish for starter and there was a choice of lightly smoked, aged steaks for mains which we didn't try but heard good reports of, wonder how they would compare to a normal steak with a pat of your butter on ? The cooked breakfast included black pudding with a hint of smoke that hit the spot too.

I should have taken some pics of their setup but didn't doh ! but they had a large propane type tank for a smoke generator which was ducted into a small outbuilding which unfortunately I couldn't see inside. They also have a micro brewery on site and I particularily liked their festive ale. Not a cheap place to stay but Val got a deal off the internet and we'll certainly be going back. Found a place in Windermere called Hylton's on our way home that advertised 8 hour American style smoked pulled pork but we were still stuffed from breakfast, but will try that out soon. 

Hello Wade.  Looks like you may have done that a time or three.  
  Good looking product and well presented.  Keep Smokin!

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