Smoked Beef and Lamb Gyros

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Feb 18, 2012
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After looking at Steve H Steve H gyros the other day I had a hunger for them. I decided to smoke the meat this time.

I started out by making some tzatziki sauce.


And the veg medley.


Then I put my food processor with the chopping blade to use with Lamb and Beef burger.


I let it sit in the fridge overnight. Then into the smoker.


The pan was removed at 100* and let it smoke more than just the top.


I didn't make the flat bread. They came out very tasty.

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Looks delicious and thanks for the mention, but it wasn't my cook. Not sure who's cook it was, but not mine for sure.

Oops! It was actually Steve H. I edited the OP. Thanks for letting me know.
Looks like the loaf held up well. I would have never thought to smoke a gyro loaf.

What I do like to do is quickly pan fry my slices in a little pork fat for that tinge of browning on each slice.

What I haven't mastered is getting the temp of the sandwich right. We just had gyros the other night, and even though my meat was fried and held warm in a toaster oven and my pitas were warmed, and I let all the other ingredients sit out including the tzatziki to get the fridge chill off...the sandwich was overall room temp by the time we sat down to eat. I think I will try nuking the entire sandwich for maybe 20 seconds before topping with the tzatziki. Somehow the restaurants serve a sandwich that is both hot, yet the fresh stuff still cool.
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I loved the visual effect of using the Trompo King but honestly the stuff I did in loaf pans was far easier to get nice consistent slices from.
I had to google Trompo King to see what you were talking about. I use that when I am dealing with solid meat on the vertical rottesary. The loaf would never hold up to that. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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