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  1. Well I got yet another BBQ book the other day. It's way more recent then Paul Kirk's and Smoke & Spice. It's written by Dr. BBQ:

    (Tracy don't buy this, I got you one)

    In it there's an interesting comment on the smoke ring. The author states that it's created by a chemical process that happens because of the nitrates reacting on the meat and the process ceases at 130 degrees. This is the reason why he goes directly from cold storage to the cooker with all meats except chicken. He goes on to say that the smoke ring in chicken makes it look like the meat isn't done and has even seen some DQ'd because of it. He prefers to let chicken come to room temp.

    This should be fun to play with. Maybe take a brisket directly from cold storage and into a smoker at 150 for 2 hours then ramp up to 225 until done. Bet that would have a nice smoke ring!

    BTW, for competition judges are told to ignore the smoke ring. However, I still think it accounts for appearance.

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    Yes, putting the meat on cold or even frozen tends to give a better smoke ring.
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    Yes, judges are not suppose to consider the smoke ring, but I definitely agree that it does add to the appearance of the meat's presentation!
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    I close my eyes when I eat, so I don't notice any difference![​IMG]
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    good info i might have to try this

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