Small fridge/electric conversion- smoke stack/vent

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Jan 1, 2022
First post. Weber smokey mountain user for 20 years. Building an electric smoker from an old gutted commercial fridge. 24x24x24ish. Removed rubber seal/plastic trim. Installing high heat gasket for door. Mostly sausage but maybe hotter. Bare with me, Im probably overthinking it.
1. Will be installing big kahuna smoke generator
2. Stack diameter and location? Ive read vertical will drip condensation on the meat? Should I go from the side?
3. Looking for 110v burner/burners. May just get a couple of cheapies from walmart to see where it gets me. Remove internal thermostats and direct wire so they are either on or off.
4. I have a temp controller that will work up to 220. Not ideal for all smokes, but should work for sausage?
Any help is appreciated. My head is swimming due to all the info that Ive been reading. Thank you.
John T


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I would probably go out the side with your exhaust. For that size smoker, I'd say 3 inch would work. Put an air inlet on bottom, on opposite side of exhaust. The Temps you can run on high side safely depends on what it has for insulation. Can't help ya with big Kahana smoker...know nothing about them. If you don't have it already try out an amnps and burn pellets or dust. Think mine cost $20 and can get about 12 hours of smoke with it. One burner should be plenty, your smoker won't be that big. For a controller you're gonna want something that can start and hold temps as low as 120 degrees for doing sausage.

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