Old fridge - slow build will start soon

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Getting there. Been doing a few layers of High-Temp lab metal to seal some areas and work out some of the more obvious bends/dents/dings. Not going to work out 100% of the damage to the old body as it gives it some character.

But, we’re getting closer. Hope to be painting it soon and have it’s first “test” before 2024!
After a lot more body work to get things to be acceptable, putting down primer and paint on the main body today.

There are still plenty of dents and dings over the body from its ~85 year life, planned on leaving those. Didn’t want my work to show, however.

Primer down
Holy crap. We're here!

Smoke stack isn't on yet, might change my mind on it... but that's such a minor detail after everything else.



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Been doing various shake down passes.

Pellet hopper is tripping the gfci outside, but I’m willing to bet that’s an old gfci issue and not a smoker issue. When running on a different circuit it’s fine. Pulls just under 2a under the initial cycle and 0.4a to maintain.

Got it up to 425 in a burn off/test… outside was barely warm to the touch. Insulation appears to work well. Without anything in it, it held various set points very well. The next test will be a brisket in a few days.

Tried out the cold smoke too. Holy shit does that thing put out a TON of smoke. Looking forward to getting everything in use. This thing should be a jerky making machine.
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