Small Air Tank RF Build

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Original poster
Jun 26, 2012
Boaz, Alabama
I had recently broke the pump on a small compressor I have had for over 10 years and was going to chuck it then thought Hmmm that could make a good smoker. I had had plans a few years ago to build a smoker but from all the feed back on the materials decided to wait.

As most men I had thought about something huge and  extravagant, that to be honest, I had no business building since I had no idea how to even use one, (LoL) however, every time we go to a BBQ and they bring out the smoked meats I always say, wow we really need a smoker.

My wife and I grill 2-3 times a week. She hates a ton of grease on her food and the grill is the perfect way for us to cook most days. We invested in a very nice grill a couple of years ago since she was going thru the cheap ones about every 12-16 months.

This is more of a starting point to get my feet smokey. I think this should be a good size to be able to make some tasty meats for at least the family. See how this goes and then look at building the "Big Dog" I had designed a couple of years ago.

Material List

30 Gallon Compressor Tank.

1 inch Square Tubing Frame

.250 Insulated firebox. 

Looks like I wont be able to really start on it till tomorrow since I am sure I will be going along for Halloween tonight. I am still a bit uninformed about the size of the FB:CC ratio. Thought I had read 33% one time then some place else said something about 110% of something. Need to research that a bit more.

Preliminary model. At least from this starting point I can adjust dimensions to where they need to be.

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