Sirloin tip Weber style sandwich

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Great looking sammy Rich!!!
Thanks Chris . I do a bunch of these . You can cook the beef rare , then use it multiple ways . Makes great stir fry too .
Rich those are great looking sandwiches.
Love the in the pan build with the au ju.
Thanks bud . I used the liquid to steam heat everything and melt the cheese .
Here's the more traditional way of doing them like John does .
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Looks delicious Rich! Makes for some great looking sandwiches...and way better than the one I just had! You do mighty fine work with those beef knuckles!

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Looks phenomenal
Thanks bud . I appreciate the comment .
Great looking sanny Rich, wish I had one right now,
I had one for lunch with horseradish and grilled onions .
So good with the horseradish . Thanks for lookin Ray .
Looks great Rich.
How did I miss this culinary delight?
Great use of relatively inexpensive beef these days.
Thanks Bill . Yup . Cheap really , and hasn't gone up much . I have some in the freezer , but might go grab another one .
You do mighty fine work with those beef knuckles!
Ryan , it's a great cut . So many different uses .
Thanks for the comment .
That’s one killer sandwich Rich, it all looks fantastic! That reminds me I’ve been meaning to do a pit beef for awhile now. I’d tear through one of those easily!
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That’s one killer sandwich
Thanks Joe . I post a bunch of those , I try not to over do it . They're all a bit different . Makes a great open face with gravy and mashed taters too . 100 degrees here , so I'll wait awhile for that .

Post up that pit beef when you do it .
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