Sirloin tip Weber style sandwich

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
Just a quick post of a Bearcarver Bearcarver inspired steak sandwich . Ever since he posted the Weber sandwich with the lettuce and tomatoes mixed in I've been hooked .
Smoked up a hunk of sirloin tip from a beef knuckle . Medium rare . Cooled and slice .
Just Canadian steak seasoning on the outside .
I usually reheat by adding warmed up beef broth to a bowl of meat .
This was so good rare / medium rare I didn't want to cook it much more .
The lettuce and tomato should get mixed in , but I just put it on top of the beef .
Let it heat through a bit , then added some cheese , and about 1/2
cup of Au ju , then slammed a lid on it .
Had some take and bake ciabatta rolls .
It's a great flavor combo . Did the meat on the SmokeFire with B&B pellets .
Comp blend and apple . Always good clean smoke flavor .
Thanks for lookin.
Classic sandwich. Looks fantastic.
Thanks bud . I appreciate that .
That's some fire there rich. Nice work as usual bud
Jake , those pellet grills really shine doing this type of cook .
I've had mine a year now , and hardly use anything else .
Thanks for the comment .
That’s money Rich!! Beef done perfectly. I’d love one of those sandwiches for sure.
You know I do a lot of beef knuckles . It's so tender when it's broke down and the cartilage is removed . The flavor is really good too .
Thanks for lookin bud .
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Looks great, Rich. Excellent sandwiches. The meat is perfectly cooked. Nice work.
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Thanks Mike . The beef is so tender . Not quite the actual " Weber " like John makes , but I love the lettuce and tomato cooked on the sandwich .

Thank you sir . I only ate half , but my Son mowed through a whole one . Appreciate the comment Al .
I totally understand that!
When my Son & Grandson come. It’s full on cooking & eating for them.
I totally understand that!
When my Son & Grandson come. It’s full on cooking & eating for them.
Oh yeah . No doubt . I was more surprised because he's not into rare beef . I guess he was hungry enough it didn't matter , lol .
Wow!!! That thin sliced beef looks perfectly done, and juicy. I’d eat me 1 or 2 of those sandwiches. Happy Independence Day!!
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Wow Rich, fantastic looking sandwich. I bet the Bear is smiling ear to ear :emoji_wink: Only thing I might add is a dollop of horseradish, but that's just me. I sure as heck wouldn't turn that down being that I love roast beef in almost any form. Nicely done sir.

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That thin sliced beef looks perfectly done,
It's such a great cut of beef . Thanks for the comment .
Man, perfect temperature on that. I wish I had one right now.
Thanks . I think I pulled that around 130 . I completely cool it down , slice then reheat . I usually hold it overnight and reheat with beef stock . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.