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  1. paul nj shore

    paul nj shore Newbie

    baby its cold outside. wanted barbecue stayed inside and made 2 lbs. barbecue shrimp
    Paul Prudhommes` way IMG_2444.JPG
  2. forkin pork

    forkin pork Meat Mopper

    Nice looking shrimp, and yes it's cold outside, I gather your from NJ, I'm from CT and it's just as cold and I'm sure you know, we got lots of snow coming tomorrow. Maybe a 1ft here, so no BBQin for about two days for me.
  3. krooz

    krooz Smoke Blower

    Looks great! Not as cold as y'all but 15° over night with 7" of snow on the ground is NOT why I moved to Charleston! Any sauteed shrimp with crusty bread is awesome for sure....
  4. smokinal

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    Good looking shrimp!
    They are a big favorite around here!
    Nice job!

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