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Shipping a Lang price opinion


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How about posting some photo's!



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What would you like to know this is my first offset smoker and I have done several cooks already brisket x2 ribs Pork butt turkey beer can chicken very easy to control temps


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For future reference you may want to try Uship to save some shipping dollars. You post your cargo size, weight and pick up, delivery locations, schedule. Providers bid on your job. I sold a tractor plow on Craig's, 500lb 5 foot wide. From Ohio to Massachusetts for $180.



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Im coming from the pellet world, so I am concerned with how hard it is to learn the temps of the smoker, how hard it is to maintain, etc....


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I have used wood burning stoves all my life so managing temps was a breeze I can keep + or- 5 degrees of my desired cook temp very easy to control fire size makes it


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I was thinking of getting a yoder ys480 what'd do you have for pellet grill


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Re:  Shipping  -    Radioguy is spot on pointing out UShip.

EXCELLENT for larger household items, cars, motorcycles, and machinery probably lighter than 3k lbs.

Or even a big pile  of moving boxes

I have used then for a pair of 140lb ea speakers, similar cubes to a clothes washer each.

And know a few others did similar from another Forum I frequent.

Best deal by far, AND door to door, not required business or elevated Dock  pickup, basically ends up as  "White Glove" transportation situation.

As ANYTHING - You NEED to review your individual bidders.

Some are historied, some are brand new.

Almost all honest, a few scammers tossed in, like anywhere else.

Some more experienced w machinery, others more like a 10k leather sofa and Art paintings.

Some both.

ALL the info is readily  diggable drillable on the UShip site.

Some silly people may say "Uship is a scam"

Cause they did something stupid like prepay for a fancy 2k puppy.

Idiots - Uship is not a scam, BUT a few scammers use it, like alll other venues.

Like saying "Craigslist , or Ebay is a scam".

But SOOOOOO many silly people posting online.

That's why you need to read about your bidding providers history.

I gave my driver a Bone in GORGEOUS Rib Steak , he travels pretty self contained, 4 door dually, large enclosed trailer, small built in  propane BBQ inside the nose behind a door.

Sleeps most nights in his back seat, saving $.

Hard conscientious worker.

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