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  1. I am having a few people over this weekend and would like to impress them with a spread of Q. I picked up two nice racks of Beef short ribs and had them cut to 3" segments. Queston is, What else should I prepare as far as meat goes to serve with the ribs. I just cant make up my mind. Any suggestions?
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    Stewed Okra and tomatoes
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  4. great suggestions! My mouth is waterring already.
  5. Looks like great suggestions for sides. Now other meats are what you were asking about - beer can chickens are good and simple or even some leg quarters, as well as pork ribs (either spares or baby backs). If you want sandwiches, chuck roasts smoke well or you could make some fatties. 
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    Oopps.....wasn't done....I agree with Alesia!  ABT's would be great too.  Scarbelly's wings are easy too!

    Have updated these with Links too!

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  7. Cant believe I didnt think about the ABT's and leg quarters! That would give me an excuse to try some pulled chicken sammies for Sunday! Yall are the best! thanks!
  8. Throw in a few smoked mators topped with cheese.

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    Fatties never fail to impress! Dutch's wicked baked beans are simple and amazing, too!
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  10. Thanks all for the recommendations. Ive gone with a nice tri-tip to pair with the beef short ribs and chicken quarters with a couple of pounds of sausage from B&W's. After a little research on Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans I figured I couldn't go wrong and was gonna have to try. Still might throw on some bacon wrapped ears of corn to add a "vegetable". I will post pictures later on an updated thread.
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